Destination Landmarks: The Alhambra

The Spanish culture is filled with a lot and a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site the Alhambra will give you the taste of the Spanish history and a lot more. The Alhambra referred to many as the red walls in Arabic is an excellent tourist destination for those who want a great place to visit in Europe. The Alhambra is a palace and fortress built many years ago for King Charles V but has since been maintained and become a great place to visit and experience some wonders of the world.

There are several reasons to head to Granada Spain for the Alhambra.

The Palace is strategically located leading many to believe it was built when other building already existed. The palace is quite old with the first documents about it coming in the 9th century. This is a true masterpiece of art and one to visit considering how well it has been maintained over the years. The whole complex is surrounded by ramparts and irregular shapes giving it unique looks found nowhere else.

The Alhambra is the most visited place in the whole of Spain with tourists flocking it each year as they look to experience the unique history of the Spanish people. This is not a single building but a complex that you will wonder around for hours experiencing the unique history of the Muslims in Spain. Several complexes in the building will require you to properly keep your ticket as you must show it, at least, three times. The Nasrid Palace is one of the best places to visit in the palace with the other two places being the Andalucía and the Alcazaba. There is also the Generalife that offers you the very best gardens.

If you want a true adventure the Alhambra is the best place to visit in the strategically located Spain. You might need a map of the area to ensure you visit all the unique places in the palace.

Best time to visit

Due to a large number of visitors flocking the palace each day, Granada has limited the number of people who can visit the palace to 6,600 a day. This might seem quite a lot, but most people start very early in the morning. You might be required to make some booking for as early as 90 days. You can book any time of the year but during the fall season is ideal as most people tend to visit the warm areas. There is less congestion giving you ample time to tour and embrace the rich history of Granada.

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