Destination Islands: Majorca, Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are among the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Europe. These Islands are blessed with lost of things which have made it a paradise for vacationers. These include; lively world class beaches, world class clubs, prehistoric ruins, picturesque countryside, wonderful mountains, and near perfect climate which draws millions of visitors every year. Located off Spain between the coast of northern Africa and France, these islands are a great magnet for all kinds of vacationers.

That said, you should know that there are four main Balearic islands, including; Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera. The most well known of these Islands is Majorca, which is also the largest in the group. Majorca, (which is also known as Mallorca), is well known for its’ golden sandy beaches and sunny climate, and is a major tourist destination, especially during summer. The waters here are always crystal clear, and the coastline boasts absolutely wonderful views of craggy cliffs and mountains, interspersed with numerous protected bays.

Things To Do in Majorca, Balearic Islands

  • Visit Cala Deia Beach – Beaches are one of the main reasons why many people visit Majorca. The main tourist areas are located on the eastern and southern coast, however, most of the places tend to be crowded during the high season. That said, one of the must visit beaches is the Cala Deia. It’s one of the most magnificent and exclusive beaches on the Island. This beach is well known for its’ crystal clear waters, and has long been attracting some of the most discerning of tourists. Musicians, artists and some literary greats have had a vacation here, including the renown poet Robert Graves.
  • Valldemossa Mallorca – Nestled among Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, this lovely village is great for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Here you’ll get to enjoy many thrilling activities from mountain biking, to hiking and rock climbing. After all the excitement, you can later explore the traditional village to check out its’ ancient sights and stone buildings. Don’t miss the 13th century monastery which was once home to Frederik Chopin, a renown composer.
  • Visit Es Torrent de Pareis Majorca – You can travel to the western coast of Majorca to check out the natural wonder of a very dramatic canyon which surrounds a sandy beach. It’s one of the largest canyon’s in the Mediterranean. It makes for a perfect spot for sunbathing. For those who enjoy more exciting experiences, climbing or hiking the rugged terrain will give you a truly unforgettable experience..

Other attractions in Majorca include; a wide selection of exciting water sports all throughout the island, vast underground caves, golf courses, stunning mountains, excursions in glass bottomed boats, isolated hilltop castles and monasteries, and marshes which are full of wildlife.

Best Time To Visit Majorca

Because the peak season is usually crowded, you should consider traveling during the off peak season. The busiest times are usually during the months of July and August. The off peak season in usually in the months of June, September and October; during this time there are much fewer crowds, and it’s still warm enough for you to enjoy the Island.