Destination Island: Ischia, Italy

Why it Makes for the Perfect Island Destination

Very few places can really evoke the kind of mythic legacy the Mediterranean is known for quite like the Tyrrhenian island of Ischia. When travelers first see its tangles of bougainvillea cascading over parched rocks, different kinds of lizards darting between slabs of volcanic tufa, and eye-catching cliffs rearing over indigo waves, it no surprise why they find it to be more of a place where Odysseus might have stayed as opposed to a typical Italian island.

However, having some of the oldest and most ideal thermal baths in the world (Virgil and Pliny), lightly populated beaches, and food delicacies that are more than capable of blending the mountains earthiness with the freshness of the sea, it is simply a must visit island destination for any avid traveller.

One of the things that visitors may find surprising while touring this beautiful island is that a large part of Ischia’s charm lies in its various fishing villages, whose delicate flora and fauna were well-celebrated in a poem by WH Auden. Also, closed to all cars, is the hamlet of Sant’Angelo, which is adjacent to a volcanic islet riddled with the ruins of an archaic monastery that guests are sure to find interesting. Another site you can look forward to is the unique view of purple flowers side by side with whitewashed hillside homes and trailing vines, something that you only find on postcards.

During the nighttime, the seaside piazzetta literally comes alive as revellers and fisherman alike dock their vessels and conclude at panoramic café bars, some of which include the Il Pescatore and La Pirata to take sip of their favorite drinks under a beautiful moonlight. Afterwards, most locals and travellers prefer to head out to the main square to have a plate of their desired delicacies. One of the top rated restaurants in this area is the antiquity themed Ristorante Neptunus, where the average price for a 2-person meal is £100. Even though this might seem a tad high for some, it is totally worth it. This is largely because apart from the fine cuisine, you will also be able to wine and dine as you overlook a sparkling and secluded cove.

After a night out and some well-deserved sleep, visitors can opt to visit a range of spas available on the island to get the right kind of pampering.

Another good thing about the island is that the weather is typically ideal for most part of the year, so you can visit it based on a timetable that works for you.