Destination Foodie: Vietnam

Vietnam is known to have many engaging museums and cultural landmarks. This features will make you even lack time to eat while in Vietnam but you should try your best and stop for a bite at this beautiful country. It is one of the most beautiful foodie-friendly destination all over the world. The country has so many cities that are culinary destinations that showcase not only the best cuisine but also the food of many cultures that include both Chinese and French that had a significant impact on the history and culture of Vietnam. Here are some of the best Vietnam foodie destinations you should know:

  • Hanoi – This is the capital of this beautiful country. Hanoi is well known for its rich culture and centuries-old architecture. There are so many restaurants to found in Hanoi. They usually offer their guests great local foods when they visit the capital. This includes amazing flavors and French classics which adds the taste buds to their guests. With the city’s lively and vibrant atmosphere, visitors can enjoy various cuisines. Most restaurants in this capital can accommodate more than ninety people and serve best foods to the visitors at the same time. The restaurants are usually featured with a walk-in wine cooler, private dining room and a largest open kitchen making them be the best all over.
  • Quang Nam – It is a province in central Vietnam that borders the South China Sea towards the eastern part and Laos to the west. Here is the home of many outstanding restaurants too. The restaurants in this province offer their visitors with Central Vietnam traditional street dishes. Some of the foods served here are such as shrimp mousse on sugarcane skewers and pork stuffed squid. Restaurants in this destination offer their visitors also with delicious vegan food and a wide variety of vegetarian dishes that visitors can choose from.
  • Ho Chi Minh City – This city of Southern Vietnam that is commonly known to many people as Saigon. It is famous for the significant role it played in the war in Vietnam. It is also known for its French colonial landmarks that were made of materials brought from France. When you enter this city, you will have a chance to see so many food stalls that line the city’s streets. There are also many restaurants that are found in Ho Chi Minh city that usually offers their visitors best cuisines of not only the country Vietnam but also all over the world.