Destination Foodie: Tokyo

Looking for an exciting foodie holiday like no other? Want to experience cuisine which is diverse, interesting, fun, and dynamic? If your answer is yes, you need to look into Tokyo for your next foodie holiday. Tokyo, Japan’s mega-city, is officially the globe’s culinary capital. It is home to more Michelin stars outdoing any other city in the globe on the number of registered restaurants which is as much as 160,000. With such number of restaurants, you know you’ll surely be spoiled for choice when making a decision on where to dine.

Why Tokyo?

Tokyo’s cuisine features something special for everyone. It is a home to a vast range of famous culinary destinations. It offers the best place for a culinary tour and a foodie road trip which you’ll never forget. Every destination provides compelling menus and unique flavors as well as distinct geographical and historical interest. So special is Tokyo concerning food that it has been added to Intangible Cultural Heritage list of UNESCO.

Every chef in Tokyo has an elusive goal of perfection. Perfecting a rare art and doing it the best they can is a big part of culture in Tokyo. That said, most chefs cook the same food their whole career, as opposed to other global chefs who keep changing their menus to bring change’ or just suit the seasons. When you have been doing something your whole life, you have no excuse not to have it done closest to perfection as possible.

The Best Five Foodie Places To Visit In Tokyo

When touring Tokyo on a foodie-based adventure, there are several places that should be on top of your priority list. But for sure, almost anywhere you visit results in excellent food that will leave your stomach craving for cuisines such as okonomiyaki and tonkatsu and fuel the desire to be creative in your kitchen when you get back home. Let’s jump to the best five places.

  • Kabukichō – Kabukichō is an entertainment, foodie restaurants, and red-light district in the northeast of Shinjuku beyond the Yasukuni-dōri Avenue. It is a very popular destination for love hotels restaurants and nightclubs. It is usually called the Sleepless Town.
  • The Ginza – Ginza is considered as the high fashion center of Tokyo and contains many upscale restaurants and shops.
  • Roppongi – Roppongi is well known as the Tokyo’s most famous nightlife district among visitors. It has a huge number of foreigner friendly cuisine restaurants, and luxury hotels as well as night clubs.
  • Nakamise – Located after Kaminarimon just before Sensoji, Nakamise is one of the oldest traditional snacks shopping centers in Tokyo. Various Japanese traditional local snacks from Asakusa area are sold along this city.
  • Tsukiji Market – Tsukiji Market is the largest seafood and wholesale fish market in the globe. It boasts more than a whopping 400 different kinds of seafood from the most expensive caviar to cheap seaweed, and from 300 kg tuna to tiny sardines and the controversial whale species.

As you’ve learned, Tokyo should be on the radar for everyone who loves food. It is the city where sushi was first invented, where the tantalizing cuts of fish were draped in aesthetic perfection along pads of vinegared rice. Visit the places mentioned above and enjoy this delicious dish among many others.