Destination Foodie: Quebec City


Destination Foodie: Quebec City

Nestled on the shores of the St. Lawrence River and underneath the looming gaze of the Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City is one of the oldest settlements in North America and is the cradle not only of Canadian civilization but French-Canadian culture. The city was established in the early 1600s and is a place where old-world charm meets the 21st century. It offers a distinctly European flavor that will delight any traveler, especially the culinary connoisseur. Restaurants and cafes abound, allowing the visitor to this charming city the opportunity to savor a taste of France mingled with ancient Quebecois flair.

Quebec City has numerous local dishes, created with local recipes dating back hundreds of years. The cuisine is primarily influenced by French cooking, although a healthy amount of Ireland is also present. Principal among them is Tourtiere, a meat pie generally made with pork and beef, and variations see the use of wild game as well. Tourtiere has been a staple for centuries and is readily available throughout the city. Poutine is another widely popular dish, comprising potatoes or french fries covered with cheese curds and homemade gravy or sauce. Yet contemporary cuisine has evolved some other spectacular dishes, from Ragout De Boulettes, a meatball stew to traditional French fare such as Coq Au Vin, French Onion Soup and a Quebec favorite – pea soup. And for dessert, many maple-inspired dishes such as sugar pie, as well as astounding baked goods are available to be enjoyed.

The visitor to Quebec City will never want for places to enjoy new culinary experiences. Indeed, according to Conde Nast, the city ranks as one of the 20 best food cities in the world. For traditional French-Canadian cooking, Aux Anciens Canadiens is situated in Quebec’s oldest house which has been converted into a restaurant. It’s a celebrated local dining experience that should not be missed. For a true tourist experience, Le Relais Des Pins is a traditional sugar shack which also operates as a restaurant, serving not only Quebec fare but also demonstrating how maple sap is made into maple syrup. And for that small, authentic experience, Buffet de l’Antiquaire offers old-style Quebec cuisine underneath a shaded terrace tucked away in the old part of the city.

Traveling to Quebec City will reward you with an experience unlike any other in North America. From its charming old-world feel and European flavor, this Canadian city will have you champing at the bit to explore its culinary treasures.