Destination Foodie: Namdaemun Night Market

Namdaemun Night Market
Seoul, South Korea

A holiday in Seoul, South Korea never disappoints the foodies and the avid shoppers. South Korea’s cuisine is renown all over the world for being healthy, tasty and spicy. The best place to sample South Korean cuisine is in Namdaemun Night Market. This open air market has more than 10,000 shops, and is located at the center of Seoul city. The market was actually named after the nearby, Namdaemun (the Great South Gate), and was first opened in the year 1964. It’s the largest and oldest traditional market in the whole of South Korea, and covers an area of over 710,000 square feet, spread out over many blocks.

Namdaemun night market is a very colorful place to explore and to soak up the interesting Korean culture.Here you will find flowers, clothes, shoes, toys, fabrics, tableware, vegetables, ginseng products, watches, and many other items. However, its’ market food is the biggest highlight. The food stalls which line the streets in the Namdaemun’s Night Market offer a myriad of amazing dishes including, dried cuttlefish, chopped noodles, anchovy and octopus, sujebi (consists of dough and shellfish soup), bibimbap (consists of mixed rice, vegetables and meat), braised scabbard fish, skillet fried mung bean pancake, and many other delicacies. For the ideal foodie experience, it’s here where you can taste a wide variety of delicious Korean classics.

For a truly unique culinary experience for the foodies looking for a fresh and bold meal, the Galchi Hairtail Alley is the place to check out. You can try out the Galchi jorim or the braised hairtail fish; these are dishes you will not find in most of the restaurants, but can be enjoyed here.

When you visit this open air market, where to buy food products and where to eat is a key part of the overall experience. Namdaemun may seem overwhelming and accosting, however, considering its’ size, there’s organization within all the chaos, and it’ll not be difficult to find where and what to eat.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit this market is at night when it comes alive, and gets packed with all kinds of shoppers looking for the best deals or looking to sample the tasty street foods. The best time of the year to visit is during Spring (that is, between the months of April and May), and also in Autumn (between the months of September and October) when weather is rather mild, and the temperatures are around 52 to 63F.