Destination Foodie: Morocco

Morocco is an Arabic country in North Africa. It has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean in the north, borders with the Western Sahara to the southern side, and Algeria to the eastern side. It’s just across the Strait of Gibraltar which separates the country from Spain. Morocco is a very popular travel destination mainly because of its’ unique and diverse cultures, and delicious foods. Moroccan cuisine is reputed to be among the best on the planet, with countless delicious dishes, and variations which proudly bear the country’s Arabic and colonial influences. The diversity, rich culture and cuisine, makes it a perfect destination for any foodie.

You will find a wonderful blend of culture, nature, history, and of course amazing foods. Morocco’s many centuries of contact with lots of other cultures, like Arab, Berber, Spaniard, Moorish, French, Corsican, Middle Eastern, Iberian, Mediterranean African, Phoenician and Roman, makes it one of the most diverse cuisines on the face of the earth.

Moroccan cooking is greatly enhanced with both fresh and dried fruits, such as raisins, apricots, figs, dates, among others. Lemons which are preserved in salt lemon juice mixture are also used to bring a unique taste to lots of Moroccan pigeon and chicken dishes. Spices of different kinds are used extensively in the Moroccan foods. Some of the more commonly used spices include, but not limited to; cinnamon, paprika, pepper, cumin, turmeric, sesame seed, ginger, coriander, saffron and mint. One of the best Moroccan dishes to try is the Tagine or Tajine; it’s a spicy stew of vegetables and meat which has been simmered for several hours in a clay pot. If you’ve access to a good kitchen, you can go to the market, and get some fresh vegetables, some spices, and meat. You can then try making your very own Moroccan feast.

There are many other reasons to travel to Morocco. All the Moroccan people are very warm, courteous and friendly, and the whole country is extremely easy to navigate. It is also very geographically diverse with lots of activities to engage in.

Best Time To Travel To Morocco

The best time to visit this absolutely amazing country is during the late fall. Well, unless you are planning on swimming at the beaches while you are sampling the delicious foods, there is no need to travel to Morocco when it’s hot. Moreover, in the fall, the crowds are much less, and you will also get to save money on accommodation and other expenses.

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