Destination Foodie: The Culinary Offerings of Hanoi, Vietnam

All food lovers in the world will be happy to learn that Hanoi is a one-stop food destination. This culinary city exudes rich culture and most importantly, rich tastes. Located in the north of Vietnam, Hanoi is the mother of celebrated Vietnamese dishes. As a foodie, arriving in Hanoi will reveal street food like no other. Vietnamese people love food so much that more than half of all people make a living through selling food or growing food. With this dedication, the delicacies are surely not disappointing. There are signature dishes that you must taste in the city.

Pho is the iconic signature dish which is basically Vietnamese noodle soup. Walking through street food stalls will give you a taste of this soup and you will understand why it is an iconic dish. Hanoi is located near the Chinese border and to this end, the food influence is unmistakable. Owing to the location, many dishes consist of fresh water fish, prawns, shrimp, crab, clams and more. Spicy herbs and creative additions are sewn together to create wonderful meals in the city. As a foodie, below are great dishes that you must enjoy in the streets of Hanoi.

Bun Cha is a meal made of grilled pork strips and meat balls with rice vermicelli. The dish is not complete without some fresh herbs and some dipping sauce. This rich dish also has additions of pickled cabbage, carrots, green papaya and onion. The savory treat is addictive to all foodies who are looking for that ultimate culinary experience. The dipping sauce will be made from lime, sugar, vinegar, garlic and chili. This inviting food is finger-licking and healthy as well. Street vendors will serve this dish and it is commonly served for lunch.

The signature Vietnamese noodle soup Pho is an aromatic combination of beef slices, rice noddles and fresh herbs. It is a refreshing treat that does wonders for your taste-buds and body. You cannot miss eateries that serve this soup in the city. As you enjoy your soup, consider a mesmerizing Vietnamese sandwich called Banh Mi. This crispy and crusty treat is stuffed with ham, pork, herbs and vegetables like cucumber, carrot, radish and more. A myriad of flavors can be enjoyed from salty to spicy, sweet and savory. This sandwich sets the bar very high and foodies will definitely agree. The Hanoi version will not disappoint.

Still in Hanoi, try out the Vietnamese egg coffee – Ca Phe Trung. This weird-sounding combination believe it or not will surprise you with an enchanting flavor. It is dark coffee made in ultra thickness topped with an egg yolk that is whipped. The yolk is then condensed in milk to give out that frothy appeal. This drink is almost like a dessert. Many coffee shops offer this exciting drink.