Destination EcoTourist – Palau – A True Tropical Island Paradise

Palau is a small country located in the western pacific Ocean. however, don’t underestimate this island country because of its size. In fact, Palau is one of the few tropical islands that is still largely untouched by human development. So, why would you want to visit Palau? Why is it considered as an eco-destination? And, what activities you can do in this island country? If these questions resonate within you, then stick around, as this article is all about the wonders of Palau.

  • Why Visit Palau? If you want to visit an eco-destination that offers crystal clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and islands that are largely uninhabited, then Palau is the place to be. In fact, Palau may be considered as the ultimate definition of a tropical island paradise.
  • So what can you do in Palau? There are a lot of activities to do in Palau and there are many uninhabited islands you can visit. However, Palau is mostly known for its diving experience. When diving in Palau, expect to breathtaking underwater sceneries. Corals that cover the color spectrum and fish that are friendly; these are just a few things that you can expect when diving in Palau. Aside from the natural underwater beauty, you can also do wreck diving. There are plenty of boats and airplanes that succumbed to the power of the islands, and it’s your to freely explore.
  • When not diving, Palau offers other alternative activities that are still marvelous. For example, you can explore the islands sea kayaking. You can camp under the stars; and with skies that have little pollution, you have unprecedented views of the starry sky. Palau also offers natural pools of water that are just begging you to take a dip and cool off the heat.
  • Why Is Palau Considered An Eco Destination? Palau is considered an eco-destination mainly because of tourist destinations that are mostly nature-based. White sand beaches, green palms, and fauna, beautiful islands and corals are only a few of the reasons why it’s one of the best eco destinations. Also, Palau still features islands that are untouched with human inhabitants.
  • What Is The Best Time To Visit Palau? Palau has generally two seasons – dry and wet season. However, even during dry seasons, you can still expect a few rainy days here and there. On the upside, even in wet seasons, you can still enjoy a lot of sunny days. However, if you want a specific answer, then these months are the best times to visit. May, June and September may be the best months to visit the island. During these months, the weather is still good and it’s not yet the peak of the tourist season. This means lower airfares, lower hotel prices and uncrowded dive spots.

If you are looking for an eco-destination and at the same time the ultimate definition of a tropical paradise, then Palau is the place to be. The island offers breathtaking sceneries both underwater and “overwater”. The best months to visit are may, June and September.

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