Destination EcoTourist – Norwegian Fjords

Norway is one of the best vacation destinations for eco friendly travelers. Its’ gorgeous landscapes, extensive wildlife and environmentally oriented vacation options makes it an ecotourism favorite. Norway ecotourism is mostly associated with the Norwegian Fjords. The Fjords are among Norway’s most popular attraction, and are found all along the coastline; they’re the predominant feature of most of Norway’s landscape. The Norwegian fjords are narrow and long inlets which are carved throughout the western valleys. The gorgeous landscapes of Norwegian Fjords were created by the succession of ice age, and little has changed ever since. Here, the eagles and seals reign, and the fish and whales patrol the deep, narrow fjords.

There are over 1, 000 distinct Fjords, and the most dramatic ones are found in Western Norway. The Fjords in Norway from natural playgrounds for all kinds of salt water activities. From kayaking and fishing, to camping and scuba diving, you can get to engage in all kinds of activities in the Norwegian Fjords. You can also go hiking and get to see the abandoned fields that are up the mountains. Other popular activities specific to the fjords include, but not limited to; biking over the rugged terrains, boat sports, skiing, river rafting, among others.

Because of how popular/famous the beautiful Fjords have become, Norway has taken a very active role in preserving nature for the future generations. The country has done extremely well to an extent that World Heritage Convention, ranked Norway West Fjords as the best preserved sites on the planet. As a leader in environmental policy, Norway has also put in place measures to protect its’ unique coastline by regulating fishing, sealing, whaling, and petroleum industries.

  • Accommodation – Norway is a modern economy and has world class facilities for travelers or tourists. Since the Norwegian fjords are a key part of the country’s tourism industry, they’re well conserved, and tourists always receive 1st class accommodation.
  • Best Time To Go – Since most cruise lines normally head to the Norwegian Fjords in summer, it’d be logical for one to think that this is the best time to visit the Fjords. Besides, most visitors go to check out the Norway Fjords during the summer because this is the time when there’s endless daylight, and the temperatures are pleasant. That being so, it is important to note that Norway also has a pretty long skiing season that starts in November, and goes on until April or May, in certain places. For those who like safaris and enjoy nature, the best time to go to Norway is from mid October to mid January; this is the best time to check out the seals, sea eagles, and killer whales. For those who like hiking, the hiking season starts in July, and ends in August. Spring is also a great time to go to Norway; winter period will have just ended meaning all the rivers, streams, waterfall and brooks will be roaring with snowmelt, there will also be lots of baby animals and birds to see, and the flowers and trees will be blooming.
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