Destination EcoTourist: The Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Nature Reserve

Discovering The Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Nature Reserve

Taking a vacation to the famous Laguna Eco-Resort and Reserve in Guatemala is an experience one cannot afford to miss. The lodge is located on the lake shore of the legendary Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, overlooking the Volcano San Pedro. This Eco-Resort is a posh hotel occupying a striking thatched-roof building with various exotic suites.

The Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Nature Reserve is considered as a distinct and unique environment with the best eye-catchy features. The surrounding is peaceful and spectacular with all the sizzling features and amenities for a vacation. The resort is equipped with six different luxurious suites which include Tecun Uman, Pato Poc, Jaguar, Quetzal, Monja Blanca and Ceiba. Every suite is highly and expertly decorated in simple yet comfortable and stylish Mayan style. The suites have an amazing lakefront view where you can simply watch the beauty of nature at the comfort of your bed.

A great deal of amenities await you at Laguna Lodge which include a fitness center, an outdoor pool, a rooftop terrace and many other cozy services offered at the lodge. The Hummingbird Spa provides unmatched full service pampering massage sessions which is a blend of Mayan treatments and the latest technology. It delivers treats of different massages including Thai massage, Swedish massage, organic juice therapy massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, yoga and even private meditations. The lodge has a free Wi-Fi where you can browse the internet at any given time or take photos inside the lodge and share with your friends and family on Instagram.

If you have always dreamt of kayaking or want to have a first time experience, then Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and Reserve is the place to be. Lake Atitlan provides the most thrilling and exciting play activities which include kayaking and paragliding. Other pastime activities in the lodge include mountain biking, horseback riding, and scuba diving. After a fulfilling day of fun and sporting activities, visitors can relax at the restaurant as they sip a cup of coffee or any of their favorite drinks at the café. You can also decide to unwind the day by taking a drink at the Lava bar or lakeside pavilion as you watch the sand slowly sets. Scuba diving in the lake is also possible, providing the opportunity to get certified in Altitude diving and to see villages that have been swallowed up by the lake.

The nights at the lodge are a blend of comfort, calmness, and elegance. The rooms are fitted with king-sized hand hewn beds with indigenous antics, fine linens and intricate woven textiles will make your nights the best.

The Eco-Resort is full of elegant views and mind-blowing features with the best services. The lodge is live with an abundance of bird life and biodiversity of the nature reserve which is at the forefront in preserving the ecological legacy of Guatemala, hence the adoption of the phrase “eco”. With all the sizzling amenities and top-rated services offered at the lodge, the prices are pocket-friendly. You can visit the lodge at any time of the year, although it is best during summer as the weather is quite friendly to most people.