Destination Beaches: Red Sand Beach Hana, Hawaii

Red Sand Beach, also known as Kaihalulu (meaning roaring sea), is located adjacent to the Ka’uiki Head, which is on the southern side of Hana on Maui Island’s eastern bank. It’s one of few red sand beach vacation spots in the entire world, and Hawaii’s most iconic attraction sites. The sand is a profound red dark, that stands out from the sky blue waters, the green ironwood trees and dark ocean divider.

Red Sand Beach has a well protected, dramatic and well hidden cove, and is shielded from the untamed sea by the seaward reef. The beach is actually a part of the crumbling cinder cone, and there’s lava rock wall that breaks the ocean waves’ force before the waves crash onto the sand.

Things To Do in Red Sand Beach Hana, Hawaii

  • When you visit Red Sand Beach, one of the best ways to enjoy the fantastic beach, is to wake/get up early in the morning and watch the amazing sunrise illuminate the profound red in the magnificent rocks. This, combined with the early whispers of the morning breeze and the rhythmically crashing surfs, gives a meditative feel of serenity.
  • You can go sunbathing, exploring, snorkeling beach combing, diving and swimming, but only only when the waters are extremely calm. Otherwise, the beach is not ideal for swimming or such other types of water sports because of the turbulent waters and strong currents. In case you choose to go into the waters, be very cautious since most times there’s a fast moving rip current which flows to the open sea at the beach’s northern end. Also, don’t swim behind the lava ocean wall since the currents are very strong, and you may be unable to swim your way back to shore.
  • Red Sand Beach Hana, Hawaii offers very amazing scenery, and is great for photos; the colors and scenic views at this isolated Red Sand Beach are very striking with a turquoise sea which bordered by burnt the red sand, that’s surrounded by black lava cliffs, blue sky, and tall green ironwoods. Remember to bring your camera.

Need to Know

  • To get to the beach, you will have to drive to Hana Community Center which is located on the Ua Kea Road, next to some cabins that are in Hana Maui. You’ll need to enter private property in order to reach the amazing beach, therefore, you need to have permission.
  • The trail leading to the beach can be quite slippery because of the crumbling cinder and the pine needles. It’s best to wear some sturdy shoes when on this trek. Walk slowly and use caution. Also, beware of the strong ocean currents which are beyond the lava ocean wall.

Best Time Of Year To Visit Red Sand Beach Hana, Hawaii

  • The fall is probably the best time to visit this beautiful beach since there are few visitors, and the weather is pleasant.