Destination Beaches: Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach is in the pedigree of beaches that rank consistently as some of the top few in the world. Situated on Puerto Rico’s Culebra Island, it is an endless stretch of white sand that shimmers invitingly under the warm Caribbean sun, beckoning visitors to its tepid, clear waters.

Not only is Flamenco Beach recognized as one of the most beautiful seaside spots anywhere, it has also gained international acknowledgement for its high standards of environmental awareness, education and beach safety after receiving the prestigious international Blue Flag award.

The gorgeous setting makes it a prime attraction for both tourists and locals, many of whom regularly visit Flamenco Beach for seaside barbecues.

There is even accommodation along the shoreline. However, due to its commitment to maintaining the environmental balance in the vicinity, the authority that administers the area has restricted the number of places available. If you do plan to stay at the beach, you will need to make reservations fairly early.

There are two ways to get to Culebra Island – by plane or by ferry – and they both regale you with spectacular views of the sea, sky and sand. A return ferry trip costs just $4.50.The trade-off is that it takes three hours each way and you will need to be at the departure gate a couple of hours before that. An early departure would be the way to go for a day trip.

Once you get to the island, a $3 taxi trip will take you directly to the world-renowned beach. There, every facility you could wish for at a beach awaits; there are public change rooms with running water, camping gear like chairs, umbrellas and tents, and no shortage of food and drink kiosks.

Whether your idea of the ideal beach getaway is a day spent soaking up the sun from the comfort of a soft towel on the beach, or a leisurely snorkeling exploration of the wonders beneath the waves, Flamenco Beach has the amenities to make it a perfect day.

The wide stretches of beach are the perfect arena for those who want a more lively day, and beach volleyball and football are popular activities. Sea turtles breed in the area and you may come face to face with some in the quieter waters.

If you are a history buff, two rusting Sherman Army tanks lay partly entombed where the waters meet the sand. Local graffiti artists have given them a colorful new lease on life.

The best time to visit Flamenco Beach is between November and March because it is warmest. However, you will also have to contend with larger crowds and higher prices in this period.