Destination Beaches: Eagle Beach, Aruba

For most people, the beach is synonymous with the word ‘vacation’ – there simply cannot be a complete vacation without a stunning stretch of sand upon which to lie, tan and then cool off in the waves. The Caribbean is bounded by innumerable stretches of beach and the tiny island of Aruba is perhaps as synonymous with beach as beach is with vacation.

The most famous of Aruba’s beaches, and its most awarded, is Eagle Beach. Voted the third best beach in the world for 2017 by travel website TripAdvisor, there really is no doubt that this wide stretch of soft white sand is a vacationer’s paradise. It lies on the western side of Aruba, well within the area developed specifically for tourism. However, unlike what happens in other such areas, all the buildings in the area have been limited to five stories. This rule applies to all the resorts and private condominiums in the vicinity. Another thing about Eagle Beach’s commitment to eco-preservation is that none of those buildings are built directly on the sand. Instead they are further away from the water, giving a very clear view of the ocean and surrounding areas.

You will also find palapas, the open-sided huts with thatched roofs that offer an ecologically-responsible, cooling respite from the sun. One of the most iconic pictures of Eagle Beach are its two unique Fofoti trees, their meandering trunks leaning earnestly towards the ocean as if drawn by a siren song. Given the wonderful reputation that it has, Eagle Beach necessarily has a wide range of facilities for water sports and aqua activities comparable to any in the world.

However, it also has a very special draw, one that not many other beaches can boast of – four species of sea turtles nest here. There are fewer sights more magical to see in person than these tiny fellows pushing themselves fearlessly straight into the big, open sea. The hatching areas are cordoned off during hatching season to ensure the safest environment for the little hatchlings.

Water scooters and jet skis are very popular in the area. There are designated swimming areas into which motorized vehicles cannot venture so it is safe to swim, snorkel and generally enjoy the crystal clear water.

Visit Eagle between April and August for the best weather on Eagle Beach. If you want to catch a turtle hatching, the best time is July. However, there is no guarantee of when exactly they will hatch so it might be a waiting game.