Destination Beach: Siesta Beach, Florida

Featuring miles and miles of coastline, Siesta Beach is one of the Florida’s best destination for a vacation. A few minutes drive from downtown Sarasota, Siesta Beach, Fl sits just next to the glittering Gulf of Mexico. The Beach was ranked as the leading U.S. Beach in 2015 by TripAdvisor. World famous for its awe-inspiring quartz-sand beaches, this beach is an upscale destination that boasts a friendly beach-town vibe. Vacationers from across the globe flock here to experience its famous breathtaking sunsets and sugar white sand. Made of 99% brilliant quartz, the beaches reflect light. This means that even on the brightest days, its sand is amazingly cool and soft underfoot.

Although it is located just offshore of sophisticated Sarasota cultural attractions, Siesta Beach has its own identity. Featuring a prolific artist’s colony, low-key nightlife, and eclectic shopping village, the beach is perfect for any vacationer looking for a quiet tropical island feel combined with a splash of culture.

Siesta Key is ideal for an evening ceremony or weekday ceremony, but due to its popularity, this destination may get crowded during the peak hours. A sunset ceremony blends perfectly with the white sand offset of the Gulf’s turquoise waters creating a magical array of colors ideal for amazingly colorful wedding photographs.

Siesta Beach is one of the most popular destinations with Spring Breakers, retirees, as well as families. Siesta Key Village, the beach’s eclectic town center, is full of outdoor cafes, quaint restaurants, fun bars and shops. The tranquil back bay of Siesta Key is the perfect place to propose, get married, or enjoy your time having a romantic candlelit meal. The secluded Turtle Beach sits beyond sea grapes on the Key’s southern tip. This Beach is a famous sweet spot for picnics, launching kayaks as well as beach volleyball.

If you are a fishing or watersports fan, you can play on the Gulf and bay. Golfers can tee off on the mainland’s perfect courses. Just over the bridge, five-star restaurants, Sarasota’s premier arts scene, and more attractions await. Thoroughly relaxed and upscale, Siesta Beach is a perfect getaway for visitors looking for a low-key beach vacation with the frills of a popular culture center minutes away.

The quaint yet quirky 8-mile-long island provides one-of-a-kind vacation and nightlife. Loved for its, turquoise waters and stunning beachside amenities, Siesta Beach is a must-visit island paradise. In agreement to its namesake, Siesta beach is an invitation for rejuvenation and relaxation. The amazing Island paradise offers something for everyone. This beach is a romantic getaway for lovers, an excellent playground for active sports enthusiasts, and a great family vacation destination. And remember; wherever you choose to stay, the brilliant bay and beach are always nearby.