Destination Beach: Rabbit Beach, Italy

A Natural Paradise at Rabbit Beach, Italy

If you’re looking for a truly peaceful paradise, it doesn’t get much better than Rabbit Beach. This beach is located on a minuscule Italian island called Rabbit Island, which is directly adjacent to another small island called Lampedusa. The secluded island is set more than one hundred miles away from the bustling mainland of southern Italy and it doesn’t get much traffic except for tourists and explorers in search of a getaway far from the Sicilian crowds. While the entire island is surrounded by crystal blue water, Rabbit Beach is known as the island’s primary beach.

Rabbit Beach is so secluded and remote that it is almost never busy. The sparkling white sands and crystal clear waters are free of crowds throughout the year, even during the busiest tourist seasons. The beach is more frequently visited on weekends than on weekdays, but there are still very few people even on Saturday and Sunday. Plus, the weather on the beach is mild throughout the year, ensuring a peaceful paradise no matter what day or month it is.

Most people who visit Rabbit Beach stay on the island of Lampedusa. Both Rabbit Island and Lampedusa are part of the Pelagie group of islands located deep in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily. Lampedusa is larger and busier than Rabbit Island, and its beaches can get quite crowded during tourist seasons of spring and summer, but it has many hotels available for visitors and is a beautiful destination in itself. Visitors can easily take a day trip away from the bustling beaches of Lampedusa to enjoy solitude at Rabbit Beach. There are many boats and ferries which are available to take visitors to Rabbit Island from Lampedusa and back at the end of the day. Those who want to have more freedom can also rent their own motor boat to easily cross the short distance between the two islands by themselves without having to wait for scheduled boat or ferry rides.

Rabbit Island got its name from the abundant population of rabbits it once held. However, while the rabbit population has died down since the island was named, Rabbit Beach is still filled with diverse species of plants and animals that can be enjoyed by its visitors. Loggerhead turtles can often be seen peacefully making their way across the sand or climbing among the rocks away from the shore.

All in all, Rabbit Beach is a breath of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. A natural paradise, the beach is a perfect place to visit when you want to get in touch with nature in a quiet, gorgeous tropical setting.