Destination Beach: Playa Paraiso, Cuba

Playa Paraiso, just as it’s name suggests, is not your ordinary, typical tropical beach. It is rather a culmination of turquoise waters against a backdrop of glittering white sands in an unspoilt setting. In other words, it is the zenith of a paradisal beach. But that’s not all. At the world famous Playa Paraiso, the sea is not only calm but also shallow and warm to the touch. The excellent seaside conditions are complimented with a relaxing set of ultra-modern hotels, spas and resorts.

To compensate for the lack of natural shade, for instance, the beach management council here has set up a beautiful canopy of beach umbrellas where tourist and locals can sit after a long dip savoring the taste of Caribbean sun-drenched beauty while sipping their mojitos. What’s more, there’s a set of shaded terraces where you can easily and conveniently grab a beer or smoked sausages as you watch the day while away.

The Best Times to Visit The La Habana Paradise

If the beach’s culture is anything to go by, then 80% of vacationers fly in here from the mainland US, Canada and Europe for a week or two of wild snorkelling, swimming and boozing. And the beach has no shortage of exciting fun-filled activities that you can use to spice up your vacation. This ranges from seemingly simple but pleasurable activities such as beach hiking to full blown wild beach night parties with both local and foreign revellers.

Given that it is a tropical beach, the isolated beach is typically welcoming and inviting at any time of the year. This includes all the winter months in the northern hemisphere and the autumn days in the southern hemisphere.

Fun-Filled Activities That You To Fill up Your Days

Given that the beach is typically isolated almost throughout the year, bikini sunbathing has become an everyday excursion activity especially considering that the allure of the white sand turf is downright unparalleled. This is even without mentioning that the tropical beach serves as a paradisal haven for beach parties and beach volleyball. Apart from this, there is a precaution that is worth noting, though. During the turtle egg-laying season, activities on the beach are usually restricted to a minimum in a bid to save the reproductive process and the endangered species from extinction.

Given it’s enticing location and a wide selection of exotic, luxurious and affordably priced hotels, there’s no doubt that the Playa Paraiso in Cayo Largo, Cuba is the place to be when you need to wind down, kick back and relax.