Destination Beach: Playa De Ses Illetes, Spain

Playa De Ses Illetes is a popular beach on the island of Formentera; one of the largest islands in the Balearic Islands found in Spain. The sandy beach of Playa De Ses Illetes is actually a long stretch of coastline on the peninsula in the northern side of Formentera. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in this area, and it symbolizes the beach paradise of Formentera thanks to its’ vast sand dunes which are behind the spacious sandy areas that slope into the turquoise colored sea. With its’ laid back atmosphere, crystal clear waters, and white Caribbean like sands, the Playa de Ses Illetes is arguably the best beach in the whole of Spain. Its waters boasts an abundance of corals and marine life, which makes snorkeling and scuba diving a popular past time. Its’ fine grained white sands, and the surrounding green vegetation, makes it one of the finest beaches in Spain.

The natural beauty of the beach, along with its’crystalline blue waters and white sands, may be the main draw of this beautiful beach, however, proximity to the La Savina port also adds to its’ popularity. It’s the closest beach to La Savina port, and it offers a variety of water sports and other exciting activities. That said, you should know that, although this gorgeous beach is a short walk from the city center, the buildings are actually hidden from view.

As aforementioned, Playa De Ses Illetes features crystal clear waters and powdery white sands which makes it ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Families and couples will find the prospect of vacationing at any one of the resorts along Playa De Ses Illetes beach an inviting one, since there are adequate public facilities and services, along with access to a wide range of beach activities and amenities. Playa De Ses Illetes is actually one of the beach destinations in Balearic Islands which offers a full world class resort experience. When you visit this beach, be sure to bring with you a camera, as this is one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Spain, but also on the entire planet.

Best Time of Year To Visit Playa De Ses Illetes

The best time of year to visit Playa De Ses Illetes beach is between the months of June and September; this period usually has the best beach weather for swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing, and scuba diving. That said, it’s important to note that the month of February is usually cold and dry in Playa de Ses Illetes beach, and isn’t really recommended.