Destination Beach: La Concha Beach, Spain

San Sebastián beaches are known all around the globe, and they attract tourists from all walks of life every year. In all of San Sebastian beaches, La Concha is the most photographed and most visited beach. It’s located in the incredibly beautiful Concha Bay, and it’s the most centrally located beach of San Sebastian. With stunning views all round and fine white sands, this is definitely the perfect beach to hit when you are traveling to Spain.

In the 19th century, Queen Isabel II visited La Concha beach for her bath therapy, after a recommendation from her doctor. Thanks to this, the beach automatically turned into a popular summer destination for European royals. As the most popular beach in all of Spain, La Concha has been ranked as the second top city beach on the planet, according to Travel and Leisure magazine. The Travel Channel also ranked La Concha as one of the best urban beaches in the world. Although it’s close to the city, this beach is unspoiled, and offers tourists absolutely delightful city views.

Things To Do:

  • Swimming – The beach is surrounded by mountains, and is perfectly protected against winds and high waves which makes it ideal for swimming, sun bathing and kayaking. lt is also the perfect place for the families with kids because the water is accessible for people of all ages, and there’s plenty of space for playing in the water. Because of its’ protection against winds and high waves, the waters are pretty quiet, making it extra safe for kids. Well, besides swimming and sun bathing, tourists can also enjoy strolling this beautiful white sandy beach.
  • Spa – On La Concha beach, you can also find the magnificent, white Perla spa center. Here, you can end your lovely beach day perfectly with an afternoon spa session, and a dinner in the elegant restaurant that’s on top of it. While at the spa or in the restaurant, you’ll get to enjoy breathtaking views over the ocean through the giant windows.
  • Check Out Palacio de Miramar – The palace known as Palacio de Miramar, towers over the beach, and is a stunning sight to see. You can check out the palace’s public garden and enjoy majestic views over the La Concha beach from there.

The Best Time of Year To Visit

The most popular time of year to visit La Concha beach in San Sebastian, Spain is between the months of May to August. This is usually a peak tourist season, and these months have the best weather. However, if you want to avoid crowds, you should consider visiting during the winter months; that is between the months of December to March.