Destination Attractions: Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Unlike other theme parks, Universal’s Islands of Adventure has gone an extra mile to design attractions and settings that take you from the norm into the surreal. More, importantly, there is no single island here which features much in common with the others. That said, a visit here is therefore like a visit to half a dozen of different parks.

Get ready for a place where magical creatures, super heroes, and beasts, stand right before you! You are entering into a world where everything is a reality. Just explore a secret school of wizardry and witchcraft. Move high above the streets of the city with a popular web slinger. Hide yourself from hungry dinosaurs with a hope that you aren’t their next meal. You’ll also see the most colossal ape to ever walk on the earth. Let your adventures begin.

The unique nature of universal’s Islands of Adventure is first showcased immediately you get to the Port of Entry. You’re welcomed by a cacophony of amazing sounds and a kaleidoscope of attractive sights. It’s all innovatively created to ignite the frame of desire for adventure.

Immediately you arrive at the attractive central lagoon, the clockwise journey starts with the remarkable Marvel Super Hero Island. It is also tightly packed with concentration of thrill rides and roller coasters. What’s more, is the illuminating Adventures of Spider-Man and the amazing high-tech. Within minutes, if not seconds, you will have experienced a week’s worth of sensations. And, this is just a beginning.

Entering into the amazing Toon Lagoon is just like getting into a comic book’s page. It is just like getting into the Jurassic Park, the upcoming island, is like stepping into a research center which reconstitutes DNA from dinosaurs to produce a new breed of brontosaurus.

You’ll surely move from a dramatic world of science and technology into a world of magic when you enter into the Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. For the very first time anywhere in the globe, you—as opposed to a few fortunate actors like before—can loiter through the awe-inspiring fictional, yet currently very realistic, kingdom of the young wizard plus his tutors and Hogwarts classmates.

However, this is not the end of everything. When you go to the Lost Continent, Renaissance fair’s mood reigns. Here, crafters operates inside attractive tents. It’s atmosphere has pronounced itself in a similar way to that of the final island, known as Seuss Landing that showcases the awesome, Dr. Seuss’ topsy-turvy world. It is a riot of shapes and illuminating colors and fabulous wildlife which pay tribute to the doctor’s vivid imagination. You can visit universal’s islands of adventure at any time of the year