Destination Attractions: Saint Martin La Plaine Zoo France

If you love watching and learning about animals, then Saint Martin La Plaine Zoo France is likely to be your lifetime’s best place to visit. The exquisite zoo is situated in the Dutch region of Sint Maarten Island and is one of the best tourist destination attractions in France. May and June or the period between November and middle of December are the best times to visit the zoological park. The majority of hotels, inns, villas, and condos in St. Martin offer their best rates at these periods since there are fewer visitors during these times as compared to the rest of the year. You can pay for the services at prices lower by a whopping 20 to 50 percent of the regular prices charged during the high seasons.

Unlike from mid-December to mid-April, the zoo experiences less congestion during the low season. With the little crowding, you can stroll through the park like a boss and nag your tour guide with thousands of questions! The park’s entrance fee is among the lowest as compared to other zoos of its caliber, and the car park is spacious, secure and tidy. A walk to the park is exceptional! You’ll have a delightful stroll on the magnificently shaded, flowery, clean paths as you head to the park which is set on the face of a steep hill.

Being one of France’s most fascinating and finest zoological parks, Martin La Plaine Zoo is a home to approximately one thousand animals belonging to hundreds of species. Here, you’ll find the most prominent apes, and gorillas raised up in confinement as well as other local and international wildlife. If you are familiar with just a few reptiles and amphibians, then a visit to a vivarium in the zoo presents you an opportunity to see them in an incredibly vast variety. You’ll come across African, North American, and South Asian primates, cats, and birds that are rare to find elsewhere in the world.

Unlike in some zoos where you leave feeling sympathetic to animals because of their poor living conditions, in Saint Martin La Plaine, you’ll be amazed to see the impressive meals and snacks that the confined wildlife feast on. Don’t be astonished if you feel tempted to ask for a bite! No wonder all the animals look very enriched, active and interesting.

A visit to Saint Martin La Plaine is usually very educative. There’s lots of information concerning the animals’ conservation efforts, endangered species and much more. You can’t exhaust all the information in a day, and so, even the short visit feels like entirely new learning experience. Don’t be afraid of observing the animals even at a very close range since you’re highly protected from any harm. Although the zoo isn’t very large, you can wander around for four hours.

You can only starve yourself if you like since there’s a neat little snack bar operating in the park which sells tasty burgers, hot dogs, and panini among other foods. However, you can bring in your favorite food and drinks if you don’t like the ones served in the bar.

You haven’t learned much about wildlife until you visit Saint Martin La Plaine Zoo France. Have a first-hand experience with various animals by going to the zoo, preferably from May, June or between November and mid-December.