Destination Attractions: Beto Carrear World, Brazil

Beto Carrear World is located in the city of Penha, in northern coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Beto Carrear World is the biggest theme park in Latin America, and also the 5th largest theme park on the planet, at about 5.5 square miles. The park has partnered with DreamWorks; the creators of popular animations such as Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Madagascar. You can find these animation characters roaming all around the park, and even some of the park’s attractions have been named after some of the movies.

The name of the amusement park comes from its’ founder Beto Carrero; a Brazilian businessman, radio announcer, country musician, and theme park entrepreneur. He also performed in numerous Brazilian Television shows as a cowboy. This amusement park has welcomed over 10 million visitors since it was opened in the year 1991.

The theme park is divided into 9 different zones, namely; the Pirates’ Island, Wild West, Fantasy Land, Kids’ Fair, Animal Park, authentic looking German village, The Radical Adventure, Land of Dinosaurs, and Avenue of Nations. Some of these attractions include; a Ferris wheel, a huge castle and a big roller coaster. There are also various different shows that are available for thrill seekers who prefer staying on the ground.

In the first section of the amusement park you will find the Nations Avenue, where you will get to check out the Acqua; one of the amusement park’s most popular shows. The show simulates a shipwreck whereby the performers showcase their various skills in aerial artistry, dancing and juggling. In this section, you will also find a carousel, a Ferris wheel, motion simulator ride, and numerous dining options.

The Radical Adventure is another popular section in the amusement park. This section is perfect for thrill seekers, and you will get to enjoy lots of radical adventures. For instance, you can enjoy riding the great attraction which is simply known as Big Tower, and experience an exhilarating ride; it is 393 ft free fall that reaches the top speeds of over 74 mph. In this section, you will also find the Castle of Terror; you need to pay for a separate admission for this particular attraction, but if you’re looking to get really scared, this is the place to be.

The more serene attractions can be found in the Wild West, the Fantasy land, the Pirates’ Island, the Animal world, the German village and the Nation’s Avenue. The Animal World is actually a massive hit with the young kids because of its’ 171 species, 700 animal zoo and a world class primate center.

Apart from its many incredible attractions, Beto Carrear World theme park also comes with a complete infrastructure which enables the tourists to enjoy leisure moments of relaxation. There are several restaurants, ice parlors, coffee shops, snack bars, and more.

Best Time of the Year To Visit

The best time to visit is between December and March. This is the perfect time to enjoy this magical, diverse, well organized and fun amusement park.