Destination Attraction: Le Puy du Fou, France

Le Puy du Fou, France; Why You Should Go

Puy du Fou was established by Philippe de Villiers, who was a local politician in-charge of the Vendée department and the right-wing Movement leader for the French party. Most people will tell you that he had his own unique views when it came to Catholicism, tradition, anti-migration, nationalistic values, and euro-skeptic politics. Despite his controversial standpoints, he still promotes the activities and cultures of Puy du Fou all over the world.

For those who are not familiar with Puy du Fou, your first visit can be quite a phenomenon experience. This is largely because it is a rural theme park without any rides. It was established back in 1978 as an open air, amateur drama theatre where volunteers could showcase their talent on the ruined grounds of a castle re-enacted in the image of the violent history of the Vendée in western France. Since then, the theme park has grown to be a big success story. It has become renowned for its spectacular historical extravaganza shows that involve thousands of actors and animals recreating dramatic scenes from Roman gladiators like King Arthur. For those who are not from France, it is most likely that you have never heard of Puy du Fou, but for local residents and well-traveled individuals, it comes as no surprise that this theme-park is the most visited one in the country after Disneyland in Paris.

The Puy du Fou theme park is not all about shows. With its 50 hectares of gardens and forests, guests can find historical villages that include medieval settlements and an 18th century farm, where you can take an eye-opening tour of the houses and watch artisans at work. You will be mesmerized by the medieval baker’s basket filled with free bread and various blacksmith tools. All these will provide you with a unique insight into times long gone.

One of the best surprises guests can look out for is the luxury hotels on Puy du Fou. For instance, the Clovis Islands, which is one of the four themed hotels, has half-timbered huts that are perched on stilts over water. The Cloth of Gold hotel is also just as spectacular. It is a re-make of the field camp which served as meeting site for Henry the VIII and François in 1520. The other two hotels are the Le Logis de Lescure and Gallo-Roman villa.

Puy du Fou might be a theme park filled with swashbucklers, but at night, guests can enjoy a serene environment in the thatched huts, with only the sound of bull frogs to their rear.

Guests can visit Puy du Fou during the summer time to fully enjoy the theme park and engage in its activities.