Cruising on the Ultra Luxury Crystal Espirit

The newest addition to the Crystal Espirit line, the ultra-luxury Crystal Espirit cruiser is a culmination of both sophistication, beauty, and complete relaxation. It is elegantly designed to cater for the discerning, cultured traveler who is looking for a one-of-a-kind luxury voyage experience.

And with the launch of the Crystal Espirit line, a new dawn has risen. A dawn that ushers a new class of small cruising ships that have been designed with the yacht-like perfection of the ultimate vacation in the open sea. And being nimble and very sleek, this yacht-like vessel allows you the rare pleasure of touring and exploring the most secluded harbors, islands, and coves that are not accessible to larger ships.

Itineraries and Excursions

One of the best things about a luxury vacation is that it is molded and built up by taking into consideration the yacht’s special size in mind. That implies that engagement is maximized as far as the destination breadth is concerned especially considering that the engagement is very different to what you would experience with a larger cruise ship/vessel.

Speaking of which, the Espirit Crystal ship sports a wide variety of sports equipment that can easily be used off the marina deck aft. Therefore, you can easily go for snorkeling off the azure waters of the Adriatic as easily as you would go for water ski in the Seychelles.

On that note, once aboard the vessel, the Espirit Destination Leader will assist you to plan your day while out in the sea or ashore. This includes providing you with a range of suggestions, and a variety of excursions fit for personal discovery.

The Deck Plan

Like most other luxury units, the Crystal Espirit features an ultra-modern design that hails from modern and exquisite engineering and naval architecture. This includes Horizon and Seabreeze Decks that are designed to offer top-notch levels of comfort to the voyager who doesn’t mind paying a little more for that heavenly and paradisal experience.

Apart from that, the yacht suites are lavishly furnished with top-of-the-range electronics that include high-definition TVs, media players, leather sofas and items of convenience such as washers, dryers, and custom Persian rugs.

A First Class Yachting Experience

Unlike other luxury yachts, the Crystal Espirit adventure is quite different in the sense that once you board the yacht, you will be given detailed information on issues touching on yacht fares and  travel requirements.