Cruising on the SilverSea Muse

Cruising is probably the best experience you can get when planning a vacation. Being able to travel in a cruise ship itself is an amazing experience that will give you good times away from your daily work routines. The SilverSea Muse cruise ship is a new Italian luxury cruise ship that is designed to give the passenger the best cruise experience. The SilverSea Muse is an all luxury Italian Cruise ship that is yet to hit the market.

The ship will hit the market in the spring of 2017 producing and expand the SilverSea fleet to nine ships. The Muse will significantly raise the bar when it comes to luxury in cruise ships and one to look out for in the coming year. If you have been planning for a cruise ship experience, then this one is a must book has it promises to take the cruising industry to a higher new level.

  • Why board the SilverSea Muse – The number of additional enhancements onboard gives uncompromising experience to the passengers. The ship delivers what we call the best comfort, quality and service while onboard. The cruise ship is the world’s best travel ship for the most discerning travelers in the world. Every cabin in the ship is a suite. There are eight restaurants onboard with three outdoor venues to enjoy the cool breeze outside as you get to watch the ocean. The outdoor venues present the customers with a chance to grill their food. It is worth noting that this is the first Silver ship since the year 2009 so you can imagine the changes onboard. The Muse will be able to accommodate 596 passengers serving as the flagship for the SilverSeas. It is the largest in the Silver line and created with a contemporary décor just like what you would expect in most advanced homes. Rooms are decorated in tones of cream, saffron, sienna and green. The suites in the ship are great ranging from the 387 feet classic veranda to four bedroom apartments. There are also grand suites and Royal suites making the Muse the ultimate choice to use for traveling around the world.
  • Best times to board the Silver Muse – Summer will be great with the Muse departing from various destinations in Europe and taking you to the most exotic places in the world. There is no question the Silver Sea Muse brings a new experience in the cruising world a one to rally look out for in the early spring of 2017.