Cruising the Alaska Inside Passage

Cruising the Alaska Inside Passage

Alaska is the place of natural wonders, and there is no better way to experience it than by cruise ship. From pristine wilderness in the national parks to witnessing the awe-inspiring sight of whales and other marine creatures, cruising through the Alaskan Inside Passage is a travel experience like no other.

Some of the ports of call you can expect to visit are Glacier Bay, a World Heritage Site where you can see up close the beauty of glaciers and icebergs in their entire giant, legendary splendor. Hear the immense crack of ice as these icebergs break apart and then grind against each other, an experience that can be felt in very few places on Earth. Or, see for yourself the fjords and stunning islands of Frederick Sound, a peninsula of islands veering south from the mainland. The Alaskan capital of Juneau can only be visited by air or water, as there are no roads leading to this city. And the historic gold rush boom town of Skagway is waiting to take you back in time to a simpler era.

There are a plethora of cruise lines waiting to take you on your Alaskan odyssey. Holland America Line offers a 7-day Inside Passage cruise departing from and returning to Vancouver, BC. It visits Glacier Bay, Frederick Sound and Juneau, and gives travelers the opportunity to witness the awesome beauty of Alaska. Princess Cruises depart from San Francisco, Seattle, Victoria BC and Vancouver BC, and whisks cruisers away to such places as Juneau, Anchorage and Skagway. Alaska Cruises also departs from San Francisco, Seattle or Vancouver, and visits many of the same destinations. Finally, Royal Caribbean departs from Vancouver and makes ports of call at all the renowned Inside Passage destinations to make to give you an experience like no other.

The best time to visit the Alaskan Inside Passage is in the summer months, between late May and July. This is not only the warmest period but sees the maximum amount of ice breakup – called Calving – as well as whale, dolphin and sea lion migrations.

Visiting the Alaskan Inside Passage by cruise ship is a dream come true for many, and it’s something that everyone should visit at least once in their life. Spectacular icebergs and glaciers, stunning sea creatures, the haunting songs of whales as well as the local culture of Alaska are waiting to be explored in one of these mighty vessels.