Why Cruise on the Viking Sky…The Insiders Guide!

Those of you who have been on a cruise won’t need much of an introduction as to why you should do it, but if you haven’t it’s one of those things that once you have tried it, you’ll never want to stop! So be warned, it’s addictive! It’s just taking a 5-star hotel with you around to many exotic locations. Of course, some are better than others, luckily though we have tried many and one of our favorites is ‘Viking Sky’ which is run by Viking Ocean Cruises.

We love this ship because of the balance it gives between luxury, size and it’s non-crowded feel. It’s one of the smaller ships they offer taking less than a thousand passengers at one time, but don’t think for a second you’re losing out on anything because you won’t be! Spanning over 9 decks, including cinemas, shops, sporting areas and restaurants along with the activities that are organized onboard. There is an outdoor gym area if you want to get some exercise in the fresh air!

If you’re like us and don’t go on vacation for the exercise, there is a pool area for you to relax and drink those chilled cocktails! Or perhaps book a spa appointment for the ultimate in relaxation therapy?

Let’s not forget about the cabins too, they range from 270 sq. feet up to 1400 sq. feet for the largest suite! Every room, including the smaller ones, include televisions, king sized beds, mini bars and you can also get yourself room service 24 hours a day so you never need to leave the comfort of your bed if you want something in the night!

Now you have a feel for the ship where you’ll be staying, there’s a whole other side to it! Where you can actually go while at the ports. Of course, you’re more than welcome to stay on the ship as you please. The Viking Sky travels on lots of different routes, have you wanted to check out Rome, Venice, Barcelona? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to see some Baltic Jewels and visit Stockholm before ending up in London! One of our favorites and this should be on everyone’s to-do list, is the northern lights route. You’ll end up far north of Norway and not only will you get some fantastic views of the Northern Lights, you’ll have a great landscape view of snow covered landscapes. It really captures the heart when you see it with your own eyes!

We definitely think everyone should check out the Viking Sky ship as a potential choice for your next (or first!) cruise. It really is one of the best experiences you’ll have on vacation.