Costa Rica – literally, the Rich Coast


Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Visions of azure ocean waters, foaming waves singing a lullaby of tranquilly on endless stretches of smooth, white beach; lush, invigorating flora in every shade of green swaying and sighing in the cool wind carrying the calls of a myriad of native animals.

This is Costa Rica – literally, the Rich Coast.

Sitting on the Pacific coast of this wonderful country, the Riu Guanacaste beachside resort is the gateway to the province of Guanacaste, this paradise of natural wonders.

But what a gateway it is. An eclectic mix of world-class luxury accommodation, experiences in gastronomy unmatched for their refinement and quality, adrenaline-pumping sports on the sun soaked beaches and in the cool water, and adrenaline shots of the indoor variety in the casino when the sun goes down. That is only the beginning of your discovery of Guanacaste….

The Hotel Riu Guanacaste is an all-inclusive resort ideal for the family vacation. At this palatial edifice consisting of 701 rooms over six stories set amidst an expansive property punctuated by gardens and pools, guests may choose between plush suites with up to two discrete bedrooms or standard double rooms that elevate the meaning of the word ‘standard’.

Designed to cater for family members of all age groups and every proclivity, from the intrepid adventurer to the artistically inclined to the culture and heritage enthusiast, the Riu Guanacaste premises and surrounds are a treasure trove of resources and activities to give every person the ultimate holiday experience.

As part of the all-inclusive package, parents may enjoy adults only entertainment programs while the kids (ages 4 to 12) attend those custom-made for them. To relax and unwind, lose your tension to the expert hands and soothing treatments of the Renova Spa, or simply let them soak away into the warm water of the steam baths and whirlpool baths.

Explore the rich biodiversity of Guanacaste through Riu. Soar above the waters for a bird’s eye view of the ocean, seaside and land as you parasail; immerse yourself in the silence beneath the waves to explore and interact with the marine wonderland when you scuba dive or snorkel; or trek through verdant forests to catch sight of wildlife not seen anywhere else in the world – all these adventures are yours to claim here.

When you return to the hotel, feast on a veritable cornucopia at full buffets at every meal, complete with live cooking stations, or make a reservation at any one of the gourmet restaurants to enjoy fine international cuisine.

Burn off the calories at the gym, tennis, table tennis, wind surfing, kayaking and perhaps billiards. Or simply lounge by the pool – you are having the vacation of a lifetime, after all.

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