Best Value Vacations: The Sheraton Kauai Resort

You scrimp and save all year for those few weeks because you know what a difference a great holiday can make for the well being of both your body and your soul. The right vacation does not only make for great photographs and memories, it can also recharge your batteries and have you come back feeling better than ever.

But it isn’t simply the amount of money you spend that contributes to a great escape, it is more crucially how you spend that money. The right choices can stretch your dollar a lot further and make for a vacation of much better value for the same cost.

Perhaps the most important area to get value is accommodation because it is usually your single largest holiday expense. That is where the Sheraton Kauai Resort proves itself your friend time and again.

Sitting just meters away from the blue water so you can listen to the idyllic lullaby of the waves as you drift off into blissful slumber, this newly refurbished jewel sits right on magnificent Poipu Beach.

Within walking distance of some of the biggest brand name hotels on the coastline of Kaua’i in Hawaii, the Sheraton Kauai Resort offers accommodation at approximately half their rates.

Visitors consistently rave about the size of the rooms, which are well maintained clean. The resort takes a minimalist approach to the appointment of its rooms and visitors might either feel that its basic or that it has an aesthetic simplicity that reinforces the ‘return to nature’ feel.

The refurbished building itself is from a time where things were not built clustered together and here, the rooms are set far enough apart from each other that you will have all the solitude you want behind your door.

Sheraton Kauai makes it point to create a very laid back atmosphere; there are not very many resorts where you can bring your own cooler and treats poolside, but you can here! There are two pools with bars so you lounge the day away tanning and just being pampered.

For a resort on the beach in Hawaii, it is amazing what a range of facilities the Sheraton Kauai offers for its level of affordability. Besides the two pools, there are three restaurants, a gym with an ocean view, shops and beach and dive equipment hire. Virtually every facility has a great view of the Pacific.

Hawaii is an expensive tourist destination and accommodation on any good beach is expensive. This is where the Sheraton Kauai Resort bucks the trend and offers one of the best value escapades you can find anywhere in the world.