Best Beach Destinations to Consider in 2015

With it being the start of the new year and most of us being stuck in the freezing cold, now is the time to start thinking about that beach vacation you’re going to take this year. I know for me over the last couple of days as I’ve had to deal with the snow, in my spare time I’ve been looking up different destinations to visit. The good thing if you’re like me and looking to get some place warm and tropical soon, there are some good travel packages available. The hardest part for me right now in regards to planning this beach getaway is deciding on where to go. If you need help deciding on which destination to visit for your vacation, these are some of the spots that I’m currently considering.

At the top of my list for my beach getaway, I currently have Maui. I had the chance to visit here a while ago for a family vacation and absolutely loved it. Maui is home to some of the best luxury resorts in Hawaii and also has some of the best beaches. The thing that I enjoy about the beaches in Maui as compared to the main Hawaiian island of Oahu is the fact that the beaches aren’t crowded. One of my favorite beaches on Maui that I’ve visited is Honokalani beach. The thing that makes Honokalani beach so unique is the fact that the sand here is black. The only negative about Maui and the reason why I haven’t booked this trip yet is due to it being expensive to visit. Out of all of the islands in Hawaii, Maui has the most expensive hotel rates and the airfare alone can cost the same amount as trip with everything included near where you live.

The second destination on my list for my 2015 beach vacation is Cancun. Cancun may be best know as a spot where college kids let loose during Spring Break but it offers so much more. Out of all of the beach spots my family has visited, Cancun has always been one of our favorites. One of the reasons why we love visiting Cancun is because it offers so many different things to do. For instance my husband and my husband love to go deep sea fishing while on vacation here while my daughter and I enjoy something more relaxed like a day at the spa. If you are looking for a destination that offers a lot of fun water activities as well as the chance to experience a new culture, than Cancun might be the spot for you.

The third contender on my list is the Bahamas. The last time my family vacationed here we stayed at the Atlantis Resort and had an absolute blast. When they talk about mega resorts, this has to be one of the list. While staying here our entire family did a lot of different activities from lounging at one of the many pools here as well as trying out there water slide. Even if you decide not to stay at this resort, the island of the Bahamas offers a lot of different things that you can enjoy while on your trip.

So these are my top options right now for my escape plan out of the cold. Let me know what you think of these destinations in the comment section or let me know of one I should consider.