Top Activities in Bermuda You Have to Try

We’ve already talked about some of the things you can do while on vacation in Bermuda, but we thought we would expand on that post and look at even more things you can do on your trip. Bermuda is one of the top choices for beach goers and vacationers around the globe – so what makes it that special? Some people just love to sit on the beach sipping a drink and watching the waves crash in, but others want to go out and have some experiences they cannot have anywhere else. Here are our top five choices for what you absolutely have to do while vacationing in Bermuda:

1. Watersports

Sitting on the beach and watching the waves is one thing, going out and playing in them is something even better. All over the island, you will find a lot of local businesses that will let you do everything from para-sailing to snorkeling. While it’s great to just lay on the beach and work on your tan while on vacation in Bermuda, go out and get active – that will allow you to really see why people visit this beautiful destination!

2. See Horseshoe Bay Beach

Seeing Horseshoe Bay Beach is an absolute must for anyone that visits. The beach is clean and beautiful, but it still has that vibrant and electric tone that you come to expect from the island. There is tons to do for everyone, from just sitting and enjoying the nature, to climbing rocks and kicking around a soccer ball. Plus, you can collect just a little of that pink sand for a souvenir to take home!

3. Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse

This is definitely a must for anyone who loves history and loves beautiful views. Even just walking around the lighthouse is gorgeous, and will allow you to see what Bermuda has to offer. If you walk up a few steps in the lighthouse, you will be able to see for miles on a clear day. There are people around who are willing to tell you the story of the lighthouse, so listen up – it’s a good one!

4. The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

If you have a day where it is just a little rainy or just not a great day to be outdoors, the Masterworks Museum is a great way to spend your day. The constantly changing collection of art comes from all over the world, but the majority is from local artists and artisans. The tone of the art is typically very island themed, but also has some more nostalgic pieces. Pay special attention to the recycled pieces and the photography as some of this work is amazing.

5. Crystal and Fantasy Caves

If the heat gets to be too much for you, or you just want to take a breather, the Crystal and Fantasy Caves will give you a bit of respite from the Bermuda sun. Be aware that there are some stairs, but if you can do them, it is well worth it. The tours are funny and definitely kid friendly, so it is a great way to spend a weekend.

As you can see, there are a lot of different activities for you to do while visiting Bermuda. The thing that will be important for your trip is figuring out which things you want to do the most.