Tips for avoiding stress while on vacation

It seems like for some that go on vacation now a days, they end up coming back more stressed out than before they left. Going on vacation is a time to just get away from it all and relax, but this isn’t always easy to do. For some vacations that I took in the past, I can still remember how stressed out I would get as I would get voice-mails with problems back home as well as trying to keep my kids under control while on our trip. Over the vacations that I have taken, I have come up with a plan that can maybe help you as well not get stressed out while on vacation.

If you are traveling with kids, you know how it can sometimes be hard to keep them entertained, which can lead to stress. One thing that I make sure I do before we leave for our vacation is to work out some type of itinerary where we are always doing something to keep the kids busy and active. How I do this is by going online and researching what types of activities the destination I’m visiting offers that are kid friendly and signing up for them. Another thing that I try to do that might help with your kids is making sure that the resort I stay at offers a pool. This has been a life saver for many trips as it is something my kids enjoy doing and I’m allowed to sit by the pool and read a book while keeping an eye on them.

To avoid stress while on vacation, I also recommend turning off your phone. To me it seems that are cellphones have become something that causes stress for some people. Whether it being emails, phone calls, text messages or whatever else it may be, there are a lot of different things on your phone that can cause you stress while on your trip. I know for some you need to be able to be reached so maybe you could turn on your phone a couple of hours a day.

Another thing that you can do that seems obvious but is sometimes overlooked is planning things that you will enjoy doing and find relaxing. This can be anything from visiting a spa or going for a walk on the beach. One of the great things about going on vacation is being able to visit a place that offers a lot of different things you can do as compared to home so take advantage of it and find things that you will find relaxing.

While on vacation, another major cause of stress is money. I will admit that this has happened to me just recently as we were at Disneyland for a family vacation and I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was spending the first couple of days we were up there and later on the trip realized I spent a lot more than I should of. For the rest of the trip I was worried about how much we were spending and as you can imagine it wasn’t fun. What I recommend doing is before you leave for your trip, workout a daily budget and make sure you stick to it. What I now do is only carry the amount of cash that I have budgeted for the day in my purse and leave the rest in the hotel room. I still carry my credit cards just in case but try to make sure I pay with cash so I can stay within my budget.

These are just somethings you can do to help avoid stress while on your trip. The thing you need to remember is that you work hard all year and your vacation is the time to relax and recharge.