Amenities I Love from Resorts

When I am fortunate enough to go on vacation, there are certainly things that I love to have from the resort I’m staying at. While you would think that most resorts offer a lot of the same basic amenities vacationers would want, there are certainly some that try to go the extra mile. For instance, a lot of the better resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico offer as many things possible to people that stay at their resorts, so they never have to really leave.

For amenities that I love, one of my favorites and one that you would think that every hotel would offer is free WiFi. Recently my family and I were on vacation in Las Vegas and the hotel that we stayed at charged $13 a day just to access the Internet and the service we got was very slow. To me, in this day in age when everyone wants to be connected, it seems like almost a given that hotels should offer free Wifi. I know some resorts offer free Wifi in the lobbies, but who wants to constantly keep going downstairs to get online. For me, when I’m planning a trip, I always look at what is offered by the different resorts and if I see free Wifi, they definitely move up the list for me.

Another amenity that I love from resorts are places to eat on the property. Again this seems like something that most hotels would offer, but this isn’t always the case. My husband and I were on a luxury vacation in Hawaii and we found a great deal at the Royal Hawaiian, which is one of the best resorts on Oahu. While we enjoyed our stay and had a great time on our trip, one thing that I was a little disappointed with was that this hotel only had one restaurant on the property. Yes, there was a shopping center near by with restaurants to eat at, but it would of been nice if it had more places to eat on the property.

When I’m traveling with my kids, another must have amenity is a pool. Most resorts offer a pool, which makes going on vacation with your kids easier. For our trips whenever we have had a long day of activities and the kids are tired, we take them back to the hotel and let them have some fun in the pool. To me, it seems the size of the pool doesn’t really matter, though the bigger the better, to my kids as this is an activity they don’t get to do much back at home.

A fourth amenity that I love and may be one that most resorts don’t have is a spa. With the stresses of work and raising two kids, when I’m on vacation all I want to do is relax and one of my favorite things to do is visit a spa for a massage. I understand that most resorts don’t have spas on their properties, but if they do, it is a definite plus in my book.

When planning your vacation, you should try to figure out what types of amenities you want out of the resort where are staying, so you pick one that offers everything you want to do.