Amazing Skiing Resorts To Visit In The Alps

The Alps are the highest mountain ranges in Europe, and are absolutely stunning to see. The Alps stretch nearly 1000 miles across 8 countries including Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco and Slovenia, and are home to thousands of ski resorts and snowboarding areas. That said, it’s important to note that just as every traveler has his/her own unique personality, so does each of the ski resorts. If you are up for some skiing fun, here are the mots amazing skiing resorts to visit in the Alps of Europe:

  • Val d’Isère – Located in France, Val d’Isère has the charm of a typical Alpine village, and is linked with Tignes to form a marvelous skiing area. Many of the world’s major ski events are held here because the resort is known for having among the best and most consistent snow in the Alps. Val d’Isère is the original home to the Dick’s Tea Bar nightclubs, and here you will find people from all walks of life enjoying cocktails in cosmopolitain bars. There is something for everyone, from style conscious watering holes, to beautiful pool houses.
  • Val Thorens – With an altitude of about 7,545 ft, Val Thorens is not only the highest ski resort in Europe, but also the highest point of the biggest skiing area on the planet. It’s a car free resort which was built to the highest of standards in an all pure mountain style. Here, the snow is guaranteed all throughout the season since most of the skiing area is above 6,560 ft. Val Thorens also offers a wide variety of non ski activities to keep the guests entertained.
  • St Moritz – St Moritz is considered to be one of the best ski resort not only in Europe, but in the world. It has very dramatic views, exciting atmosphere, idyllic scenery, and consistent snow throughout the year. It’s actually one of the most exclusive and glamorous skiing resorts in the world. It’s also one of the best maintained and easy to use ski spots on the planet. It has played host to the Olympics, it’s home to a part of UNESCO World Heritage site, and it attracts all kinds of skiers throughout the year.
  • Chamonix – Chamonix has a reputation for being a great ski resort, and for serious skiers, it’s the holy land. Just one hour from Geneva, Chamonix is one of the most accessible mountain ranges on the planet, and was the site for the first winter Olympic games in the year 1924. This 10 mile long valley is lined in jagged, glacier draped peaks, and boasts one lively town, five ski areas, and a lift access to some of the best steeps on earth. It’s located on crossroads of Italy, France and Switzerland which makes it a natural multi-cultural Mecca for the serious skiers and adventure seekers. Here you will find a wide range of clubs, bars and pubs including, but not limited to; The Jekyll, Café la Terrasse, Chambre Neuf, Wild Wallabies, Ice Rock Café‚ among others.