Affordable Spots to Visit for Thanksgiving

It is almost hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week already. It seems like it was just yesterday that it was the 4th of July and we were enjoying the summer weather. With Thanksgiving being next week, you can expect the airports and roads to be more busy as people try to get away and spend the holidays with family. If there is one thing that I have never liked about traveling during Thanksgiving, is the prices. Let’s be honest, flights are expensive during this time as airlines know people are willing to pay for it as well as hotel prices being more. I know it may be to late now to book your Thanksgiving vacation, but for next year if you are looking to get away during this time and want to visit some place more affordable, these are some options.

One of the more affordable spots if you want to getaway from the cold and have the beach vacation is in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean, there are a lot of spots that are affordable during this time including places like St. Lucia and Aruba. While the prices may not be as cheap as during other times in the off peak season, they are still cheaper than a lot of other destinations you can visit. Another great thing about choosing an island in the Caribbean for your Thanksgiving vacation is that the airfare should be cheaper especially if you live on the East Coast. As compared to other beautiful beach spots like Hawaii, the flights to the Caribbean are a lot shorter for east coast travelers so the prices will be lower.

A second destination you might consider for your Thanksgiving trip that is affordable and also allows you to get out of the cold and put your feet in the sand is Puerto Vallarta. Located in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta may not be as well known as some of the other beach destinations in Mexico like Cancun and Los Cabos but it offers a lot of bang for your buck. One of the things that I personally love about taking a vacation to Puerto Vallarta are the all inclusive deals. It allows me to eat as much as I want and really enjoy myself for a discounted price.

Now that we have talked about some of the more affordable places you can visit during this time, lets look at a couple of places that are more expensive. One of the more expensive places to travel to during Thanksgiving is New York. A lot of people want to come here every year to see things like the Macy’s day parade, as well as other things. With so many people wanting to visit, you can imagine that the prices would be a lot more. Another destination that is pricey during this time is Hawaii. For just your airfare alone, you could possibly expect to spend close to $1,000 per person. Hawaii is a great spot for a vacation but extremely expensive to visit.

These are some spots you can consider for next year if you want to travel somewhere for Thanksgiving.