Affordable and Fun Activities to do in Cancun

When it comes to popular beach destinations in the world, one of the best spots to consider visiting for your getaway is Cancun. While it may be known as more of a party town where you can let your hair down and let loose, Cancun is also home to a lot of fun activities you can do that don’t cost a lot. Over my many vacations to Cancun over the years, there have certainly been some activities that I really enjoyed doing while others weren’t as fun. I think for anyone that goes on vacation anywhere, one of the more important things you should do before planning everything out is deciding on which things you would like to do on your trip. If you are planning a trip to Cancun and are looking for some affordable activities you can do while visiting, here are some of my favorites.

If you are looking for a fun as well as an educational activity to do while visiting Cancun, one that I recommend is checking out the El Rey ruins. If you are staying within the hotel zone, if you want you can walk to get here or take a quick bus ride over. On a recent trip to Cancun, I got the chance to visit the El Rey ruins for the first time and must admit that it was pretty amazing. To see what people were able to create without the heavy machinery we have today is unbelievable. If you are traveling with your kids and are wondering if this would be something they would enjoy doing, not sure if your kids are anything like mines but they seemed to really enjoy themselves. The tickets to visit the El Rey ruins is very affordable so if you want a cheap and educational activity to do, you should check this place out.

A second activity that is affordable and a lot of fun especially if you are traveling with your kids is the Interactive Aquarium. Located west of the hotel zone in the La Isla Shopping Village, the Interactive Aquarium is a great place where you can see some amazing tropical fish with a hands on approach. Back at home where I live, the local aquarium we have is great and all but you would love to be able to get closer to the marine life and at the Interactive Aquarium you get the chance to. At the Interactive Aquarium, they offer a lot of different activities that you and your kids will love from touch tanks, shark feeds as well as offering dolphin swims. While some of the activities that are offered may cost a little extra more, for me I think it’s well worth it as it is a once and a lifetime experience.

A third activity that is very affordable that a lot of people love doing while vacationing here is hanging out at one of the many great beaches. While this may seem like a no brainier as the reason why you visit Cancun for your vacation is to hit a beach, this activity is a lot of fun to do with your whole family and is free. One beach that I recommend checking out is Playa Tortugas. This beach is known as one of the more popular beaches for locals and is a great spot to work on your tan, play in the sand and dip your toes into the ocean.