Adventures in Forte das Berlengas – Peniche, Portugal

The Forte das the Berlengas is one of the largest islands in the in the archipelago of the Berlengas that is found in the Peniche Municipality. It is a great tourist destination and one to make your tour destination this summer especially if planning to visit Europe. The Island is located in Portugal, and you can expect to have some of the best times of your vacation. It is a great choice for people who love boat riding. The fort has a rich history and one you must visit this summer.

The construction of the fort was ordered back in 1502 by the King of Portugal. It later became a monastery. It was a quiet and a cool environment away from the mainland. However, the monks were attacked by pirates on a regular basis. The fort would later be rebuilt to prevent the island being occupied by pirates. It is known for its famous episode in 1666 where 20 men were able to resist a fleet of 20 boats for two days. The fort now looks historic and offers some of the best scenes of prehistoric architecture. The waters surrounding the Island are all blue giving you the perfect environment to snorkel with friends.

  • Why Visit Forte das the Berlengas in Peniche Portugal – The Berlengas look great from a distance appearing like some giant rocks, but the scenes change when you get closer. The giant rocks slowly turn into beautiful beaches, small rock formations, and a great biological diversity. The Island is just six miles off the mainland and a classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. You get a chance to see the seagulls that are the main inhabitants of the Island all year around. However, there are several other things you can do in the area with some people choosing to go scuba diving. Scuba diving in the area gives you a chance to feel the underwater treasures that the Island has to offer. For those who prefer sunbathing, there are small beaches with clear emerald waters. You can even take a tour by boat to see some of the animal shaped mountains.
  • Best times to visit – Summer is usually the best time to visit when there are two daily ferry trips to the island. The weather is also calm giving you a chance to explore this wonderful island and fort. You can pack a lunch and feast on the beach as you enjoy the sun.

There is a lot that you can experience in the Berlengas so make sure you make it a priority this summer. There are direct flights to Portugal from various airports in the world so nothing should make your visit difficult.