Adventure in Jordan

When most of us think of the Middle East, the word ‘fun adventure’ is hardly the first phrase that comes to mind. However, Jordan, is rather different from the typical country in the region. Not just desert and dunes, it is a modern kingdom which has preserved its essential pre-Islamic heritage, the most famous of which is Petra, designated one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Located in the desert and accessible only through a narrow passage worn into the rock, the ancient city is an intricate series of structures hewn into solid rock in around the third century B.C. The reddish hue of the stone gives Petra the name ‘Rose City’. A trek to Petra through Jordan’s dramatic landscape is the epitome of adventure, taking you to scenes so desolate that they seem to resemble something out of another world. It is dotted by wadis, which are valleys and channels that become streams and lakes in the rainy season.

Hiking and biking are very popular among tourists looking for an adventurous getaway in Jordan. One of the most exciting of these lets you descend over 1 kilometer to the Dead Sea, which is a major tourist destination in its own right. Float in its mineral-rich waters and rub the soil into your skin for to take the most advantage of the world’s largest natural spa.

The desert is not devoid of life by a long shot – besides wildlife that sometimes blends into the environment so well that its indistinguishable to the untrained eye, there are also tribes of Arab Bedouins whose ancestors have roamed the region for millennia. Indulge in adventure of a different kind by experiencing their life from the hardships to the exquisite pleasures. Spend a night in a tent in the desert where the temperature drops to freezing in the night but only after savoring their delicious fire-cooked meals.

The lands of Jordan feature heavily in the Bible, and there are several sites of great importance to Christianity within the nation. One of the most prominent is a cave in the port city of Aqaba that is believed to date back to the third century. Aqaba is also an awesome destination for anyone who likes marine adventures. The Red Sea with her blue waves and coral reefs is home to gorgeous undersea vistas and remarkable underwater life. If you are up for it, snorkel and scuba dive beneath the waters or skim the surface in sailboats, windsurfers and jet-skis.

The best time to visit Jordan is between the months of March and May which is the local springtime. The temperature will be typically warm but bearable.