Adventure Experience – Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas

The Bahamas Islands are the place to be if you want to enjoy the experience of swimming with pigs. This unique adventure experience is offered on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, which is the home for the so called “pig beach.” The pigs have become a favorite among tourists. Guests want nothing more than to join the swimming swine in paradise.

There are numerous activities to carry out in the Bahamas. For instance, you can go snorkeling with tropical fish, sea turtles or other sea creature. However, if you have already managed to do all these, then you should consider visiting the friendly pigs inhabiting Big Major Cay. The island is uninhabited. How the pigs came to inhabit the island is still a mystery that has been left to the imagination of the locals and story tellers. The pigs live freely on the island. After basking in the tropical sun for hours, the pigs love to spend their afternoon swimming in the turquoise waters. The pigs also love to greet visitors as they feed them.

Swimming with the pigs is an indescribable experience. You get to bond with this creature that has long been perceived as a farm animal. This once in a lifetime experience is something that you cannot afford to miss. The swimming pigs have inspired a children’s book dubbed “The Secret of Pig Island,” by Jennifer R. Nolan. The pigs survive easily on the island. Even celebrities are taking their time to visit these unique creatures in the Bahamas.

The best time to visit the island where the pigs live is Mid-March to Mid-November. This is the best time to go for an excursion to the island. There are a variety of excursion vendors offering the opportunity to swim with the pigs. There are boat excursions from mainland Exuma. Also, if you are staying in Nassau, then there are excursion vendors who can get you to the island, for instance, Harbor Safaris. As you get near Pig Island, you will see the lovable swine swimming towards the boat to greet you. You can feed them and join them for a swim in the crystal blue waters. If this adventure is not enough, you can finish off your day feeding sharks and iguanas.

Go ahead, add Pig Island on to your bucket list. This is an experience that you will live to remember.