Adventure Experience: Belize Zip Lining

Belize is called the Heartland of the Maya. The proud, accomplished Mayans dwelt in its lush green rainforests, hunting and growing in a serene balance with nature built over centuries and without external influence.

The land is rugged, dominated by soaring mountains which look simply like mounds of green from afar because of the incredible density with which vegetation grows and spreads in the fertile soil. Its sights and wonders are best seen with a bird’s eye view which allows a true appreciation of the Eden-like wonderland Mother Nature created. Until recently, you needed a helicopter to do this; now, you can intensify the adventure experience with a zip line.

A zip line is perhaps the best way to get close to the jungles of Belize because of the proximity to the flora that can be experienced. Unlike inconceivably more expensive options like a chopper ride, a zip line allows a truly intimate experience where you can touch and interact with the exotic environment that you are immersed in.

The zip line rides begin from platforms along the slopes of mountains, high in the trees or over remote caves – definitely not the best choice if you have a fear of heights. Because the best zip line rides are over areas slightly further from the main tourist trails, be prepared for a hike to the location.

The zip line ride itself consists of a harness suspended on two separate ropes (as a safety feature). Once you get into the harness from the safety of the middle of the platform, a slight push from the instructor will take you over the edge. Gravity will do the rest.

Fly through the crisp, clean mountain air, hurtling over the exotic South American vegetation and wildlife. A safety system ensures you stop safely at the destination platform… but the adventure is not over yet! Zip line adventures incorporate a series of zip lines so you descend down the mountainside over trees from platform to platform from a whole chain of individual journeys of discovery.

Different areas around Belize specialize in different types of zip line escapades. There are the slower ones which are lower to the ground which are ideal for families and first-time zip liners. For the more adventurous, there are steeper ones built higher above the forest floor that hurtle adventurers down at much faster speeds.

Scream if you want, but most people cannot help but laugh in delight.