Adventure & Ecotourism: Sleep Under the Stars in PurePods, New Zealand’s Tiny Glass Houses

New Zealand won out above everywhere else on earth as the setting for the epic Lord of the Rings film trilogy; there is probably no other place where such large, majestic vistas of mountains, valleys, lakes and glaciers can regale the eye at a single glance. No matter how great a view a traditional room might offer, there will always be impediments to your attempts to truly become one with your surrounds. One New Zealand company has arrived at an ingenious solution that is anything but traditional – glass houses.

Sure, you have seen houses with huge glass walls before but Pure Pods take the concept quite a number of steps further. Not only do you get those glass walls on all four sides but each pod comes complete with a glass floor and ceiling, too. If you have ever wanted to be one with nature without leaving your bed, this is the solution. Called Pure Pods, these transparent stars of Kiwi tourism are available at four secluded locations scattered across the country’s gorgeous landscape – Little River, Greystone, Kahutara and Manakau. The exact locations are on private land and a secret; guests have to hike a few hundred meters to begin their all-natural getaway.

More than just a clever marketing gimmick (one I think I would have willingly fallen for, by the way), Pure Pods have at the core of their design sustainable tourism. While they are certainly luxurious, each comes complete with solar power for all your energy needs; the water and interior are heated with a combination of solar power and biofuel while the water itself is simply pure filtered rainwater. Natural waste composting rounds up each Pod’s green credentials. And if you thought you could cheat, just be aware that there is no phone signal where the Pure Pods reside. Neither is there W-Fi within or a TV. The concept of placing you squarely in the middle of nature with nary a concern of the modern world beyond is apparently taken very seriously here. Of course, that doesn’t mean you will be left to fend for yourself in the wilderness. You have your own kitchen. Under-floor heating keeps you nice and toasty. The linen is a super-soft luxury that will leave you falling asleep ensconced in softness as you gaze at the night sky when the stars come out to play.

You hear a lot about fantastic views when you look to book travel accommodation. After you have tried the rest, go for the best – Pure Pods.