Adults Only in Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso

The Remarkable Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is situated approximately 12 miles to the north of Playa del Carmen in the Mexican State of Quintana Roo. Its tropical shores are enveloped by the Caribbean Sea providing beaches that are ideal for relaxation. They are also far from the big crowds and have lush vegetation.

Why you would want to take an adults only trip here:

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is an adult’s only resort that has won various accolades, one being the world’s #1 Traveler’s Choice Award. Hotel Paraiso is undoubtedly an enclave set in the midst of lush vegetation and offers all its guests a chance to have a dream vacation in Mexico. It also has some of the most breath-taking settings in the world.

The best time to visit:

The tropical weather conditions in the region also make the Paraiso an ideal destination all-year round, which means you can visit the area anytime depending on your schedule.

Activities you can engage in:

  • Due its close proximity to the well-preserved Mayan structures, guests of the Parasio can immerse themselves in the deep culture and history of Mexico as they enjoy the turquoise waters and fulfill their adventurous desires.
  • Visitors can also enjoy a variety of sporting activities, relax on the beach, be a part of exclusive parties, and enjoy some of the finest cuisines at elegant restaurants during their stay.
  • The resort is also ideal for tennis, golf, and water sports enthusiasts.

Adventurous experiences to engage in:

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is also ideal for adult travellers who have a taste for adventure. During your stay, you can try daily excursions from the resort to explore the nearby areas. There are numerous attractions that are close to the resort like the Old Market District and Yax-Che Jardin Botanico. Both of these areas are quite exceptional for guests who want to discover new things and cultures. The Yax-Che Jardin Botanico is also much easier to reach between the locations.

Regardless of whether you are on a quest for the renowned grilled fish ‘Tikin-xic’ or you are simply looking for a relaxing day in the sun; you will find it at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso.

Why it will be a good idea to visit:

The Paraiso has come to be synonymous with style and luxury. It is absolutely one of the most spectacular resorts in the world designed for adults’ only trips. Managers of the resort also ensure that no detail is overlooked when it comes to the ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition, guests also have access to personalized services and special packages for different events.