A Tropical Oasis in the Dominican Republic – Samana

There’s a lot awaiting you at the Caribbean peninsula of Samana – the fair sandy beaches, the azure sea water, the clement Caribbean nightlife, and a whole lot more. Samana has the best of nature’s beauty for all visitors to enjoy. In Samana, lofty coconut trees adorn the mountains; grandiose capes touch the depths of the ocean, gushing waterfalls cascade down the slopes of the mountains and bright green Dominican parrots keep the atmosphere enlivened with their shrill chatter. People indulge in sheer enjoyment along with the rhythms of Bachata, Merengue and Salsa. Samana is always bubbling with life and spirit that never seems to end.

At one point in time, somebody rightly stated, “Life’s a beach” and Samana proves that to be absolutely correct. With miles of white sandy beaches, life never seems to cease here. While on vacation in Samana, there is definitely a lot to explore.. The Cabo Samana is a cape that is jutting out into the ocean from the main part of the peninsula. At its foot, lies the wild and natural beach of Playa Fronton, protected by extensive reefs. Locally called “Bacardi Island”, Cayo Levantado is a scenic island, situated several miles east of Samana, on the Samana Bay. You can reach Cayo by boat from the Samana harbor. There are other facilities available as well. The main beach is noted for various water activities, like snorkeling and scuba diving. Your trip to Samana will surely remain incomplete without a visit to the Las Flechas beach. It presents a sight that will occupy your memory for a long time even after you have departed from Samana. It is situated on the northern side of the Samana Bay.

Located at the western end of the southern shore of the Samana Bay, the Los Haitises National Park bears extravagant caves with ancient Taino Indian drawings and rock carvings. Gigantic mangrove trees are also found in this region. There are numerous rocky islets within the park’s bayside boundary. These islets have rookeries for thousands of seabirds to sit around and enjoy the weather. The peninsula also contains a large number of waterfalls for you to enjoy. There is an undeveloped beach called Playa Del Valle on the north coast across from Samana. This beach, though not very attractive like the others, is still worth a visit while vacationing here. Playa Rincon is the best beach of Samana as well as that of the Caribbean. This beach is encircled on three sides by mountain ridges and has a beautiful backdrop of coconut and palm trees. It presents a panoramic view of the long stretch of ocean vistas.

Samana is always buzzing with a variety of activities to do. From street side cafés to salsa bars, from ritzy discos to the soft strumming of guitars, there is so much to do here. The traditional music of the campo, Bachata constitutes a major part of the rhythm of Samana. There is wide prevalence of the tunes of Merengue as well.

Samana is also well noted for fine cuisines. Some of the many culinary adventures awaiting you at the peninsula restaurants are batata, pescado, tostones, and pollo frito and carne de res. You can get fresh seafood whenever you want, right on the beach, cooked on charcoal fire. Chillo con coco, which is whole snapper prepared in coconut sauce, is an all-time hit among the people. There are other Dominican specialties, like pollo Samanesa, which is also referred to as Samana-style chicken. Once you taste the Dominican cuisines in Samana, you are surely going to fall in love with it.

So with the amazing beaches and there being so much to do, Samana is just a visitor’s paradise. If you are interested in taking a trip here, make sure you contact us so we can help plan it!