9 Private Vacation Islands You Can Afford

Private Island. Those two words together evoke visions of jet-setting billionaires living it up in secluded locations without a care in the world. Richard Branson rents his own one located in the British Virgin Islands out at about $40,000 a night. But an island getaway for you and some close friends is well within reach at a tiny fraction of that cost. Here are nine that will provide the backdrop for the perfect holiday adventure without breaking the bank.

  1. Enedrik Island (The Marshall Islands) – Unbelievably priced, but for a reason – there is only one built-up structure on the island, and it is to be used only in case of extreme weather. But if you want a true escape from the rush of life to an idyllic getaway where it is just you, your best friends and nature herself, then Enedrik Island beats them all.
    • Cost: $500 a week for up to 8 people.
    •  Best time to visit: May to October.
  2. Lissenung Island (Papua New Guinea) – Calling itself the best little island in the South pacific, Lissenung is the vision of what drew early explorers to this remote part of the world. Today, it is a renowned diving and surfing spot – just take to the water and explore above or below the waves as you like!
    • Cost: $530 a week for four bungalows.
    • Best time to visit: May to October.
  3. Porer Island (Croatia) – Croatia boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and is even a major backdrop for Game of Thrones. Porer Island is home to a single structure – the 35m lighthouse. Beneath it are two 4-bedroom units that overlook the amazing Adriatic seascape.
    • Cost: $650 a week for two huge apartments.
    • Best time to visit: May – June, September – October.
  4. Breakwater Island (British Columbia, Canada) – If your idea of the ideal getaway from the city involves watching nature in its true form in the land, sea and air, Then Breakwater Island’s deer, sea otters and eagles are the answer. Built in 1933 and renovated to remain true to its original design, enjoy the island’s large log houses and two traditional totem carvings.
    • Cost: From $800 a night for up to 6.
    • Best time to visit: May to September.
  5. Scalpay Island (Scotland) – 15 miles of craggy coastline rings 200 acres of hills and dales, woodland and lochs on this serene island. The amazing views compete with the fresh air and exquisite isolation as its best features.
    • Cost: $850 a week for 3 cottages.
    • Best time to visit: July to August (summer).
  6. Kerala Island Resort (Kerala, India) –  A mere 150m from the mainland, this is the perfect romantic getaway. The resort has but a single guest house catering to making your couples vacation the most memorable one ever. No more people, but there is an abundance of beautiful shore birds to decorate the picturesque surrounds.
    • Cost: $850 a week for 2 people only.
    • Best time to visit: March to May.
  7. Little Caye (Utila, Honduras) – Located approximately 0.5 mile off the south-west end of the main island of Utila. Utila Island is itself located approximately 18 miles from the coastal town of La Ceiba on the northern coast of mainland Honduras. This private island fringed by sandy beaches and a pristine coral reef. It has one house and one cabin constructed on it – your perfect tropical island vacation rental.
    • Cost: $930 a week for 6 people.
    • Best time to visit: March – August.
  8. Little Thatch (British Virgin Islands) –  The island takes its name from the design of the West-Indian themed guest cottages built on the silky white sand. The dining deck is built on a platform away from the cottage for unrivalled dining views that are perfect for friends or for romance.
    • Cost: $3,500 a week.
    • Best time to visit: September to November.
  9. Kamalame Cay (The Bahamas)  Also on the pricier end of affordable, Kamalame Cay just might be worth it considering it was named The number one Caribbean resort hotel by Travel and Leisure this year. The 96-acre island caters to all your pampering whims with a spa and freshwater pool, and excellent dining options.
    • Cost: $3,500 a week.
    • Best time to visit: May to October.