8 Tips on How To Look Beautiful After a Long Flight

Whenever you happen to travel on an airplane and sit through a long flight, it is quite easy to end up feeling really messy, tired and dirty from exhaustion and jet lag. In this article, we have compiled some tips on how to look beautiful after a long flight:

  1. Avoid the heavy makeup – Avoid using eyeliners, eye shadow, mascara and heavy lipstick when traveling. These type of makeups tend to smudge during the long flights, and can make your face and entire body feel heavy and weary. Instead, consider using a pretty scented lip balm and a light foundation.
  2. Take care of your body and skin when traveling – Travel normally means changing climates and sitting in an airplane which has stale air in circulation. Moreover, airplane cabins tend to dry out the skin. In order for you to feel and look beautiful after a long flight, you should consider bringing with you some moisturizers or an atomizer so that the skin doesn’t dry and pale. You can apply some of the moisturizer on your face (without any makeup) and your legs and arms to relax you.
  3. Wear your hair comfortably –  If you’ve long hair, you should consider wearing up in a loose hairstyle that doesn’t pull (like a ponytail) or you can simply wear it down. For those with shorter hair, keep it well combed.
  4. Drink and eat wisely –  You are bound to feel bloated and extremely jet lagged if you happen to indulge in unhealthy drinks and foods on your flight. Avoid the sodas and the alcoholic beverages, and opt for water or tea. When choosing your food, keep in mind that sugar and salt will dehydrate you a lot more, make jetlag much worse and even weaken your entire immune system. It is best to go for nuts instead of chips, pretzels or cookies (which are usually offered on flights). Alternatively, you can bring your very own healthy snacks. You can also carry a water bottle so that you can always stay well hydrated.
  5. Get some sleep –  Try and get some shut eye. A little sleep can drastically improve how you feel and look upon arrival. Shutting the eyes with the eye masks drawn down, and then meditating or simply closing your eyes and sitting down for a while will give you a really refreshing rest.
  6. Stretch –  Stretching every 5 to 10 hours, can make a big difference to how you feel. Stretching your body will not only make you feel more relaxed, but it will also make you feel more energized.
  7. Wash up –  After a long flight, you need to wash up and freshen up. That being said, you should know that it’s never easy to wash up or freshen up in the plane’s lavatory, therefore, it is best to bring with you some cleansing travel wipes. You can use the travel wipes to wash away the stale, post flight feeling, and refresh your face.
  8. Brush your teeth –  You should brush your teeth to get rid of the built up gunk. You can also carry some breath mints which you can use to freshen your breath.