7 Quirky and Fun Hacks That Will Make Your Travel Much Easier

No matter how great your trip was, it could usually always have been slightly (or gigantically) better. Here are seven hacks that might make the difference from the time you step on the plane till you pack for the return home.

  1. Put underwear and socks in shoes to save space. Space is always in short supply, particularly on the way back from a vacation – every little bit you can save counts. Shoes often hog more than their fair share but you can maximize their shape and size for storage. Rolled up tightly, you can probably squeeze five pairs of socks and just as many pieces of underwear into each shoe. They are also very handy for protecting small, fragile items.
  2. Glasses cases aren’t just for glasses. Your spectacles or sunglasses cases are another great place to stow tiny, fragile souvenirs. They are also great for stowing charging cables and earphones.
  3. Shower caps from head to feet. Do you have a collection of shower caps from various hotels you have visited over the years? It’s time to make them useful by packing your footwear in them. Please note that while your ballet flats will squeeze daintily into one, your husband’s Timberlands will probably need at least four separate shower caps each.
  4. Use Google Maps offline. Will you be traveling to some remote part of the world where mobile data is non-existent (regardless of what they promise you when you get your SIM card)? The solution is the Google maps offline feature. Simply type ‘OK Maps’ into the search bar and the visible section on the screen will be saved to your phone for offline access when you are traveling.It might be a bit obvious to state, but this needs to be done BEFORE you get to that remote section of the globe whose map you are saving.
  5. Plane seats roulette. If you are traveling as a pair by plane, book the window and aisle seats. If someone gets the middle seat, you can swap to be with your companion; otherwise, you get the full row to yourself.
  6. USB slots on hotel TVs are an extra charging point. Whether you forgot your wall charger, or if it isn’t compatible with the local power points, or if your traveling companion has hogged all of them, the universal USB slot on a TV is a handy charging point we often overlook. Bring a USB hub and multiply it even further.
  7. FourSquare Wi-Fi password shares. There are a bunch of civic-minded people on FourSquare, that’s for sure. The app has become a favorite place to get Wi-Fi passwords for hotspots around the world.