6 European Travel Destinations You Should Avoid In The Summer

Summer is undoubtedly a popular time for Americans to travel. With kids out of school and office environments a little more relaxed, it seems only natural to use your vacation days and get out of town.

But the big question is: Where should you go? Obviously, the possibilities are endless, but there are also certain places you might not want to visit between June and August. Most major European cities, for example, are overwhelmingly crowded during the summer, and many establishments shut down in August as locals leave town.

  1. Paris – During the summer Paris is hot! Many of the locals run away during this time on their own summer holidays to avoid the heat. And there are so many tourists! Lines for tickets are enormous – if you have to go in the summer, make sure you book all tickets that you can with your travel agent so that you are not waiting in line just for a ticket and then in another line for the Eiffel Tower, Louvre etc.
  2. Ibiza – Avoid the summer when all the Europeans are escaping their respective cities to flock to the coolest beaches. Go in September when All the coolest bars are still open and clubs host legendary closing parties. Going off season means Spain’s expensive holiday island is better value.
  3. Venice – Between June and early September, but especially throughout the whole of July and August, you won’t see tourist Venice at its best. Each summer, invasions of day-trippers and ‘rude’ tourists bring the city to its knees. Residents and lovers of the city tend to stay away as much as possible.
  4. Scottish Highlands – swarms of midges are lying in wait. The scourge of the Scottish summer, the Highland midge, or Culicoides Impunctatus, to give it its proper name, has ruined many a day trip and camping holiday. Prevalent at dawn and dusk the midge is particularly problematic in the Highlands and Western Scotland where damp conditions provide perfect breeding grounds.
  5. Seville – another city for sky high temperatures in the summer. The locals run away from the heat and tourists flock in and increase line wait times.
  6. Amsterdam – The best time to visit Amsterdam is between April and May or September and November – right before or directly after the summertime high tourist season. You’ll contend with fewer tourists, you’ll enjoy somewhat mild temperatures, and you’ll also experience Amsterdam as the locals do – at its laid-back best.

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