5 Reasons Why You Should Consider an All-Inclusive Resort

Who would have guessed that the all-inclusive concept is already over half a century old? The post-war period was indeed boom time for some fantastic ideas. If you have not considered an all-inclusive vacation, you literally do not know what you are missing. All-inclusives can make for some of the most fun, rewarding and budget-friendly vacations for solo travelers, couples and families.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons you can’t argue with.

  1. The Money factor – One of the most unenviable things about vacations is pulling out the credit card and wincing as you realize that the bill is going to hurt when you get back. With currency conversion and a host of other bank charges involved, staying within budget is never easy. But at an all-inclusive, you do not have to carry your wallet with you at all. From food, drinks and alcohol to entertainment and activities, enjoy everything you love for the sweet price you know you have already budgeted for. Better still, the packages almost always mean that you get better value for money.
  2. The amazing array of choices for …. everything! – All-inclusives are constructed around the central idea that they will do all things for all people. So whether you are looking for a different international cuisine choice at every meal, a whole new activity to try out every sunrise or to try every cocktail under the sun, this is the place to be. The variety of choices is especially convenient for families – mom and dad can sip drinks by the pool, the teens can try out healthy recreational activities while the little ones are supervised by trained professionals. For variety, the all-inclusive is the best choice you have.
  3. Trying new things is easy. – The tourist-rate prices for activities at any regular hotel or resort is enough to dissuade many people from trying out new things they would have loved to. Not at an all-inclusive. Because everything has already been paid for, it is easy to develop a ‘might as well try it’ attitude. Whether it be paddle-boarding, snorkeling, yoga or art class, more people try new things at all-inclusives than elsewhere. Who knows? Besides just trying new things, you might develop a new interest and perhaps even discover some hidden talents.
  4. You will find a similar crowd – At most ordinary resorts, families, couples, honeymooners and boisterous college kids share the same space at meals, pool areas, and entertainment and recreational facilities. While they do keep a respectful distance from each other, we always hear of the terrible antics of one group from all of the others.
    All-inclusives generally cater for specific vacationers like families with kids, adventurous couples and singles. Each vacationer gets the opportunity to socialize with people of like mind and everyone is happier for it at the end.
  5. It’s all planned for… unless you change your mind – So you looked at the brochures and read all the reviews and did all your research and planned the ideal mix of all-inclusive activities for each one of you. But then you get there and it seems they have just started a brand new activity you/ the wife/ the kids would have loved to try but never booked. Bummer. Not quite – the beauty of all-inclusives is that you care always free to add on extra activities, facilities and features after you get there. In short, you get the versatility and freedom of other establishments tacked on to the budget-friendly convenience unique to all-inclusives.