5 Exotic No Passport Vacations for Families

If you want to take an exotic vacation with your family, but don’t have a U.S. passport, do not worry, as there are plenty of beautiful destinations you can go to without a passport. From historic city breaks to tropical island escapes, here are the 5 exotic places which do not require you to have a passport in order to visit:

  1. US Virgin Islands – Made up of a group of islands, the US Virgin islands are a classic Caribbean paradise escape and don’t require a passport to visit. They became a United States territory in the year 1918, and offer everything you could want to enjoy a truly exotic family vacation. Each of the islands has its’ own unique attractions, appeal and charm. St. John will charm any nature lover with its’ vast national park and legendary diving spots. St. Thomas is a shopper’s dream, with lots of boutiques and jewelers, vibrant nightlife, as well as 2 bustling cruise terminals. And Danish styled St. Croix is a favorite of luxury seeking travelers, and you will find the most spectacular views. All of the 3 destinations feature amazing beach resorts, although you will find most of them on St. Croix. To travel here, parents merely need their birth certificate and a US issued photo I.D. Kids don’t require any photographic identification.
  2. Puerto Rico – The best exotic family vacations start with hassle free travel, and getting to Puerto Rico is a breeze. You do not need to have passport to travel to Puerto Rico because it has been a U.S territory since the year 1898. With beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Puerto Rico has long been a popular destination for families looking for a beach filled vacation. However, beaches are far from the only thing Puerto Rico has to offer; families can also get to tour Fort San Cristobal, stroll through the Pigeon Park feeding the birds, or go hiking through the rain forests. Adventure seekers can consider zip-lining, rappelling into the underwater caves or paddling through the bay filled with all kinds of marine life.
  3. Hawaii – Since it’s physically separated from the mainland, and boasts an exotic island feel, many travelers seem to forget that this little piece of paradise is a part of the U.S. It is the perfect place to enjoy surfing and sandy beaches, whilst being surrounded by the familiar comforts of home. As a State of the U.S, Hawaii can be visited without a passport. From Oahu to Maui, each of its’ 6 main islands has its’ own unique personality, and offers different experiences to travelers, including facilities and vibe. These islands are actually a major hub for true nature lovers, and traveling to any of them means a never ending supply of volcanic landscapes, lush tropical foliage, beautiful cascading waterfalls and immaculate white and black sandy beaches.
  4. American Samoa – Located between New Zealand and Hawaii, America Samoa is the only U.S territory in the southern hemisphere, and a fantastic no passport exotic vacation destination for families looking to escape into nature. This Polynesian archipelago made up of 5 main islands, boasts breathtaking ocean views, sky high mountains, peaceful beaches, enchanting rain forests, coral reef filled waters, and an authentic Samoan culture. Some of the popular activities found here include, but not limited to; snorkeling, kayaking and swimming.
  5. Northern Mariana Islands – Wedged between the Philippines and Japan, is a string of micronesian islands of Northern Mariana. Officially named the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (often abbreviated as CNMI), these islands along with their neighbor Guam, make up the Marianas archipelago. It’s a great exotic destination where U.S citizens can travel to passport free; all you need is proof of citizenship and a valid photo ID for entry.

Also known as “America’s best kept secret”, CNMI is considered to be a paradise with its’ tropical marine climate and laid back attitude. Here you can enjoy stunning waterfalls, and pristine beaches with crystal waters that invite snorkeling, surfing and swimming. Stepping away from the sandy beaches, the island has a wide variety of indigenous wildlife which offers a great learning opportunity for children.